This is a typescript of the diary kept by John Blackett on the voyage of the SIMLAH to New Zealand in 1851.


The SIMLAH left London on 23rd April 1851 and arrived in Auckland on 3rd September 1851


Thanks go to Geoff Sommerville, of Wellington, who transcribed this diary, and for

making it available for all to read.


The original microfilm is at the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. MS 0223.




   April 23 Wednesday Ship Simlah left St. Katherine Docks in morning  & towed down to Blackwall N.E. - Calm

   24 Thursday - towed down to Gravesend, arriving about 8 AM.

   25 Friday - Lay at Gravesend all day N.E. cold, calm

   26 Saturday - Left Gravesend at 5 A.M. & towed down to ____ arriving there by 8 1/2 or 9 A.M. Very light SW wind, warm and calm. Slow sailing till 12 1/2 P.M. then dropped anchor, being almost quite calm. Anchor hauled up at 2. Fresh breeze and squall of rain - changed to NE very favourable - ran on till 12PM then anchored for night off Deal till

   Sunday 27 when hauled up anchor at 5AM. Fine NE breeze & ran along about 7 knots. 8 1/2 A.M. off Dover. 11AM off Dungeness tide against us. fair cool, fresh morning. Passed Beachy Head 2 PM. Wind moderate. Sighted the lights of I of Wight at 12 PM.

   Monday 28 Due south off I of Wight at 3 AM. Light N.E. wind rate 3 of 4 miles per hour. Fine morning, dullish, wind came round to S. Ran toward Portland Bill, till 2 1/2 PM when tacked, & ran S. & a little west. Had first bad cold. At 5 PM running S.W. wind W.N.W at 8 PM tacked & ran N.E.

by N. Wind N.W.

   29, 30 Tacking in Channel.  IB GB and SB all ill in bed.

   May 1  Making way gradually. ------   do  ----------

   May 2  IB still ill in bed - Off ___________.

   3  IB on deck a few hours. Crossing Bay of Biscay. Stormy night broken rudder chain.

   S  4  IB do five hours. Still in B of Biscay Fair wind. Course W.S.W - Service in Saloon - two porpoises seen - and one Portuguese Man of War - Sea Gulls still seen.  

   5  IB on deck from 12 till 8. Much better. Weather more moderate  & fair. Wind N. changing to W. in evening - Course W.S.W and at night W by S. Lat at noon 44° 37' having sailed 144 miles in 24 hours - gulls and porpoises seen - Heavy rain at night. Killed a pig. No 1. Litter of puppies. 7 - A Curlew rested in the quarter deck for 10 minutes. Off C. Finisterre 100 miles.

   6  NW wind fair. SW. by S. course Lat 42-51 - 170 miles run Cool & fair.

   7  -- do -- SW. Course - Lat 40-28 144 miles porpoises Cool & fair & smooth._

   8  Fair morning W. wind. Course SSW. Lat 38-0 - 148 miles becoming squally - rough night - TB sick. Off Gibraltar at night.

   9  Roughish morning. Wind NW. Course SSW Lat 35-57 144 miles. Saw two vessels - apparently for Gibraltar, IB sick - as GB & SB. evening fair (Temp 67° in Cabin & 74 ____)

   10  Fair. W. Fair some whales spouting - spoken a vessel at 10 1/2 PM. Dutch, for Batavia, she passing us to leeward - Lat 34-16 Saw Porte Lauto at 5 PM & were off it at 10 1/2 PM. IB well.

   S 11  Off Desertas Is 10 miles to E of them at 8 1/2 AM. Saw Madeira beyond, 50 miles off. Beautiful day & warm. Saw P. Men of War, several. & 1 shark 4ft long. Lat 31-46 Fell in with N.E. Trades light

   12 May Fair morning, NE Trades 7 to 8 knots an hour. Lat 30-28. Wind ENE. Course SW. Passed a foreign Brig _____ ________

   13  Fair morning E. wind - Course SW - rate at 8AM 8 knots. Saw a barque in morning. Same course as ourselves- and another barque going W. of Cape de Verde Is. - We steering E of these. Two porpoises playing alongside of vessel & leaping out of the water. Colour greyish brown. (pic of porpoise) Lat 28-6

   14  Fair morning. E wind, very light, SW by S. warm 5 knots - flying fish seen Several sailors drunk on sherry stolen hold. Lat 25-20

   15  Fair morning 8 knots at 8AM E wind. Course SW Lat 23-6 Porpoises & turtle 7 1/2 knots at 8 PM.

   16  Fair ---"--- 9 knots ---- " -----  - " -   Lat 20-25 About 20W longitude Course S. Wind N.E Flying fish 2 & turtle nautilus

   17  Fine NE light 5 knots. Course S Lat 17-40. Flying fish ______ 74° cabin. Therm 120° in Sun (113) & 76° in Cabin

   S 18  Fine, warm. Sailor dislocated shoulder N.E. wind. Course S. Lat 15-30 (just south of C. de Verde Islands) Flying Fish.

   19  Fair. Warm. Wind N.E. & N.W. Course S. Lat 13-17. Very little wind "Southern Cross” Almost calm at night - Water very phosphorescent & beautiful.

   20  Fine very warm N.W. wind. Course S by W. Lat 11-27 Long 22-0 Flying fish every day. Very little wind at night - N.E.) Water very phosphorescent.

   21  Fine. Very warm - light wind N.E. Course S by W, Lat 10-6 Long 22-34 Temp 81° in cabin 124° in Sun - Saw shoals of porpoises & 2 sharks astern. Tried to catch them but without success - one shark had 1 pilot fish & the other 3 (very little wind at night N.E. breeze, Course S by W. Lat 9-8

   May 22   Long 22°-0 almost calm towards evening when a breeze sprang up. Slight shower or two. Row with McDonald about spirits ___ (Sailors rousing "dead Horse" over board on monthly advance expense - noise & confusion created thereby 2 Dolphin seen - flying fish

   23  Dull morning V wet heavy rain at 7 AM & 9 AM. Wind W. (Lat about 7°-50' Long 22-30. Porpoises

   24  Fine & very warm. 84° & 85° in Cabin - Birth of a son on  board. Mrs Gray Then very light wind S.E. Course S. Lat 7-15 Long 22°-46' ______ _______ Cabin during day. Jelly fish, Grampins a Black fish & porpoises

   S 25  Bright Very warm - almost calm. Wind S.E. Course S. Lat 6°-42  All melting - Service in Saloon - Rain in evening & also during night. Fresh S.E. breeze during night (84° & 86° in Cabin)

   26  Dull. Fresh S.E. breeze. Shark caught at 9AM 9-6" long. One sucking fish on him (picture) 2 1/2 inch long. Slate colour. Lat 5°-46' - Calm at noon. Vessel pitching most all the afternoon (IB sick at 6 PM) Pleasant cool evening. Several passengers sleeping for some nights back on deck & saloon on account of heat.

   27  Bright - warm Wind very light N.W. Lat 5-23. Long 22°-2' - Dull Rain & squall at 8 PM from S. Ship running W. till 2AM during which one flying fish flew on the poop against an umbrella. 11 long 1 3/8 deep & 1 wing 6" long. (picture) ______ _______ _______ with teeth - the back dark bluish black sides and belly silver ______

   28  Dull & calm Rain at 10 1/2 AM Wind W. Course S. Lat 5°-4' Long 21°-40' Light W. wind all day. "Bonita" or "Skipjack" leaping. Rifle shooting at bottles in afternoon. Gulls. Strong current to ______ in East. _____ at night.

   29  Fair very warm 84° in Cabin almost calm. 4°-25" Lat 21°-40 long - Strong current to ___? Shooting on poop ____ & rifles SW breeze at 5 1/2 PM till 8 1/2 PM Music & singing on poop. Gulls.

   30  Heavy rain early in morn. & showers all day. Lat 4°-1' abt 50 miles to the E Much Cooler on deck Cabin in evening New moon

   31  S. wind at 2 AM. Ship running W 4 knots till 9PM. at 10 almost calm. Lat 3°-37" - much cooler today. Dull and pleasant.

   S 1 June  Fine day. Wind S. Course W by S. 4 knots Lat 3-17 Long 22°-40" Dutch brig "Sirene" from Batavia to Rotterdam spoken at 2 PM. Sent letter by her. The captain 2nd and 3rd mates 4 sailors and Mr. Chapman going aboard her in a boat. She was 8 days out & had been 17 days beating off C of G Hope.

   2  Fine morning Course W. wind S. tacks at 11 AM & ran S.E. Lat 3°-13" Long _____ 4 vessels seen (95 miles to ___)

   3  Fine morning Wind S Course ESE Lat 3°-4" tacked abt 12 noon & ran 124 miles E (Rain from 12PM till 6 AM _____) 3 vessels seen.

   4  Fine morning Wind S. running E. Lat 3-2 Long 20-44 (Lost sight of Pole Star about now, It being below the horizon) 2 French vessels seen same route barque & brig moonlight. Hair cut - phosphorescence very beautiful at night in patches of light caused apparently by jelly fish (picture)

   5  Fine morning S wind Course S.E Lat 2°-41" and 55 miles to the E. 4 knots. almost calm in evening moonlight (Fine ______)

   6  Fine morning very warm. Wind S.E. very light. Course S.W.  Lat 2-16 Long 20°-14" Therm 83° in cabin During forenoon the S.E. trades gradually came on increasing all day in strength

   7  Fine morning very warm. Wind S.E. Course S.W. by S Lat 13 miles N. Long 21-55 total run 160 miles (of those 123 Southing) 81° on Cabin (Lots of flying fish). IB sick 

   8  Fine morning Wind S.E. Course S.W. by S. Lat 2°-17" South Long 23°-39" (150 miles of Southing) Porpoises & flying fish & P. Men of war - One Bonita caught by sailor 19 1/2 long 5 deep 3 3/8 thick. body next to tail 1/2" diameter tail 5" deep. Colour like a mackerel (picture) A scaly integument covers the fish about half way along its body - the after part is without scales & smooth the Dorsal fin is in a groove, into which it can be almost wholly laid so as to be out of sight The tongue is of a greenish purplish silver as well as the palate - 83° in Cabin (many whale birds).

   9   Fine all day. Wind S.E. Course S.S. W 6 1/2 to 8 knots. Lat 4°-43 Long 25°-24". 146 miles S. & 105 to W. Flying fish & Cary's chickens Fine sunset columns or tracks of phosphorescent light in sea at 2 AM, Very splendid.

   June 10 Fine morn. Considerable swell from S.E. Wind S.E. Course S.W. by S. Lat 7°-10"S. Long 26°-20" wind light during day. Squalls with rain at night moonlight. 83° in Cabin - 81° on deck in shade & 81° on deck in wind & shade (Mother Cary's chickens)

   11  Fine morn Swell Fresh breeze from S.E. Course S.S. W. Lat 9°-6" Long 26°-34" (6 1/2 to 8 knots) vessel seen astern Fine moonlight vessel very uneasy motion (flying fish) IB sick at night.

   12  Fine morning. Strong breeze & squally. Double reefed topsails  & reef on mainsail, all day - Wind S.E. Course S.W. by S. Lat 11-23" Long 26-18" vessel in sight no children or ladies on poop ship pitching _____ 80° in Cabin IB unwell not sick

   13  Fine Strong fresh breeze and squally top gallants set Wind S.E. Course S.S.W. Lat 13°-17" Long 28-20 Much cooler full moon 79° in cabin.

   14  Fine with heavy showers of rain fresh breeze Wind S.E. Course  S by W Lat 15°-24" Long 29-2 - 75° in Cabin 8 & 8 1/2 knots in evening.

   S 15  Fair - light wind all day from 1 AM. Fresh at night - Course S.W. by W Lat 17-25. Long 29-40 - 2 to 4 knots Service on Deck Beautiful day - 76° in Cabin - About here and around Trinidad which is situated about 20°S & 30 W Long. baffling light winds may be expected

   16  Fair Tacked at 4AM & ran E till 4 1/2 PM then tacked & ran S.W. & S.S.W & S. very light winds all day. S.E. at night 75° in Cabin Sperm whale seen - often Saw beautiful sunrise numerous aboard here. Lat 17-55 Long 30-22

   17  Fair. light S.E. wind. Course S. Lat 18°-49" Long 30-23 Sea very calm - long swell - warm in sun Sperm Whale seen in morning time close to vessel in afternoon - (Flour question) that is he possibility of having soft bread made & baked Refusal of steward to make it pleading want of time we think want if inclination to take the trouble,

   18  Fair Sea calm with a long swell as before. Winds very light N.W. Course W.W. wind gradually changing to S.W. at 5 PM when altered Course to due S. Shower at 6 PM & squalls with rain during evening Lat 19°-43" Long 29-2 - 68 miles Trinidad (Flour given out) Engaged a baker at 6/- a week for 14 people (-short bread)

   19  Fair Changed Course at daylight to S.S.E. Sighted Trinidad at 6 1/2 AM Abreast of it between 8 & 9 it bearing S.W. (see sketches) about 10 miles off sighted Martin Vaz Rocks  at 9 AM. Several kinds of birds about the vessel one curious one (picture) see sketch - S.W. wind Strong S.W. breeze in afternoon & evening Lat 20-22 Long 28-40 vessel on Sb Bow at 11 PM. (73° in Cabin) (Cakes for the first time).

   20  Fine light breeze from S.S.E. Course E. 4 knots Lat 21-5 Long 25-40 in afternoon and evening strong breeze with squalls & rain from S.E. reefed topsails & main & foresail Ship on Stb beam (72° in Cabin)

   21  Squally with rain shower. Strong breeze S.E. by S Course E. (4 & 6 knots) Lat 20-11 Long 24-40 Tacked at 1 PM Course S.W. (in evening S.W. by S) Pig killed. (73° in Cabin) Splendid lunar rainbow at 2 AM Reduced allowance of water from 8 pints to 6, 5 pints for Crew and steerage & Fore Cabin 6 for Chief Cabin Row in consequence. (2 Cape Pigeons seen, one shot)

   S  22  Fine Stiff breeze & squally Course S light wind S.E. Lat 21-21 Long 25-30. Service in Saloon Gradually altered Course to S. Wind E.S.E. Squalls with rain. First Sunday of rough squally weather (good deal of tea drunk as also yesterday.

   23  Fair fresh breeze Sea more moderate Course S by W. Wind E.S.E changing gradually to S.S.E Course Wind E.N.E at 4 PM Lat 22-55 Long 25-45

   24  Fair fresh breeze Sea moderate Wind E.N.E Course S.S.E Lat 24-46 Long 24-48 Altitude of sun at noon 41-35

                  11 add (or 12)






                 23-27 Sun declination


                 24-47 Latitude

     8 1/2 & 9 knots (Cape Pigeons Barque seen on same course on weather bow 1 sheep killed. 71° in Cabin but getting decidedly cool at night

   June 25 Fair fresh breeze E.N.E Course S.S.E Lat 27-28 Long 22-46 196 miles Course altered to S.E. by S during forenoon. Wind N.E. by N. Cape Pigeon & black gulls - some shot

   26  Fair but dull. Wind N.E. by N. Course S.E. by S Lat 29°-43" Long 20-0" 198 miles. 68° in Cabin. Cape pigeons Cary's Chickens Wind drawing round to N. by E. by 10 PM standing sails set all day.

   27  Dull all day rain at 10 AM until about 5 (Catching water for washing &c) Fresh breeze N.E. by N. Course S.E. No observations taken today but by dead reckoning 178 miles run & Lat 31-36 Long 17-22 during afternoon more wind reefed the ____ topsail & double reefed F. topsail Mainsail and mizzen furled.

   28  Dull considerable sea Course S.E. by E, Wind N.E. by N. drawing to W. at 1 PM & N.W. at 2 1/2 PM Lat 32-28 Long 17°-22" @ albatrosses seen in forenoon Cape Hens (a kind of albatross, black) Cape Pigeons C. Chickens, sea swallows & 2 whales spouting - 1 C. pigeon caught with line 34" across wings (several shooting) Course at 6 PM S.E. Wind W, Clear night G. B. rifle shooting)

   S 29  Fine - fresh breeze W.S.W. Course S.E. Moderate sea. Lat 3-20" Long 20-53 187 miles run - Large quantity of C. pigeons Stormy Petrels a dun coloured bird _____ ______ a black winged white beaked bird a black bird 34 ins a brown backed   do 5'-0" Albatross 8'-0" (____ ______) (5 C. Pigeons caught). Course altered at noon to S.E. by S Wind W.S.W. (65° in Cabin)

   30  Fine cool fresh breeze N.W. since 4. Course S.E. by S Lat 34-43 Long 7-47 175 miles - shower of rain in forenoon -heavy bumpy sea & ship rolling considerably Birds in large numbers as before (IB , SB G.B. rifle)

   July 1 Dullish rained at 7 fair. Strong breeze Wind w. by S. Course S.E. by S. Lat 36°-4 Long 4°-22 2 Albatross, C. Pigeons (Whale birds in hundreds) Brisk gale W.S.W afternoon & evening & squally with showers with heavy bumpy sea - Sea shipped at 8 1/2 Course at 8 PM S.E. by E Bulwarks broken at 9 PM

   2   Dullish with squalls of rain - Brisk gale squally S.W. Course S.E. by E. Lat 36-22 Long 0-15W 202 miles run numbers of birds of various kinds Rail above bulwarks carried away 12 feet on Star. side by sea at 11 1/2 AM. Quantities of water in fore cabin & steerage (24 buckets full sent up) Course in evening E.S.E. Wind W.S.W. 6 knots Squally with showers 8 knots M.t.sail, F.sail & F.t.sail all reefed in

   3   Cloudy Wind more moderate W.S.W 6 knots M. sail & M. T. sail F. F.t sail at 12AM Wind SW Course S.E. by E. Ship on Starb. Tack - set the Drivers & M Trisail 7 1/2 knots in 44 miles of  Northing Lat 35-44 Long 2°-54 E. 164 miles at 6 PM. Course S.E. wind S.W. 6 knots (1 MolyHawk, 2 Cape pigeon)

   4   Fair fresh clear morning Wind S.W. Course S.E. 6 knots. All sail set - at noon altered to S.E. by S. lat 36-3 Long 6°-5 156 miles at 6 PM Wind W 5 & 6 knots at 10 PM. 9 knots 58° in cabin mock trial by jury in fore cabin.

   5   Fine - Stiff S.W. breeze Course S.E. by S. Ship "Coldstream" on lee beam bound for Madras 73 days out - Barque "Katinka" on weather beam to Mauritius 19 knots at 10 AM the ship ship leaving us & we being the barque Lat 37-0 Long 9-38 (182 miles run) 9 knots at 12 8 1/2 at 6 6 at 10 all sail on except spinnaker Sun's dec 22-50 do altitude 30-30

   S 6  Fine bright Wind S.W. Course S.E. by S 7 knots at 8 AM, 6 at 12 then dull and cold Lat 37-37 Long 14-18 Service in Saloon 184 miles run Showers of drizzly rain at 1 & during afternoon 7 3/4 knots at 6 PM.

   July 7  Cloudy & squally with showers till 12 Wind S.W. Course S.E. by S. 8 knots at 8 AM Lat 38-46 Long 17-34 173 miles Now about South of Cape Town Fishing for Albatross with lines and hooks without success the wind & sea being too high more moderate in evening Some seas shipped Wind W. at 10 PM Course S.E.

   8   Fine mild Wind N. Course S.E. by E. 6 knots increasing all day & drawing round to N.N.E. at 10 PM Lat 38-48 Long 20-30 Squally with showers in afternoon.

   9   Fine morning light S.W. wind Smooth sea Course S.E. by E, Lat 38-43 Long 24-8 172 miles 56° in Cabin wind drew round to N.W. by W. at 2 PM Course S.E.

   10   Cloudy - heavy long swell light N. wind Course S.E. Lat Long 25-0 67° in cabin 53 miles (& 10 or 13 miles S) Wind N. at noon and N.N.E at 10 PM when going 8 1/2 knots 20 or 30 albatross in sight Caught one 6-10 (across the wings 2-10 long from bill to tail) - Fine mild day after 10 AM ____

   11   Fine N. wind Course S.E. by E. 7 1/2 knots at 8 AM. Lat 38-20 Long 30-6 227 miles run Current to E. Skinning albatross Brisk gale at 8 PM till 12 with squalls, rain, hail thunder & lightening from N.W.

   12   Fine - moderate N. wind - Course S.E. by E. Lat 38-30 Long 34-14 fishing with line for Albatross - no success - skinning and cleaning albatross A sailor (Miller) detected in Chief Cabin in middle watch; store room cellar & pantry broken open 12 bottles wine, cheese & bread stolen & some hams & cheeses &c placed ready for removal outside the store room when detected by W Nottingham, Chief mate (194 miles run & current to E.) (- Albatross in great numbers) Sail reduced at 4 PM to F & FT sail & MT sail gale during the night from N W. Row in consequence - at 3 AM all Chief Cabin passengers aroused W Nottingham struck and his life threatened then & afterwards again at 10 AM. by Miller. Afterwards was discovered a fore bulkhead broken some bottles of ale stolen from hold & some men drunk. A night watch assigned from Chief Cabin commenced same night G.B. & I.B. taking the first night watch viz from 10 till 2 and from 2 till 6 recurring every 4 nights.

   S 13  Gale from W at 4 1/2 AM heavy rain squall at 5. The wind coming on Starb. quarter - same during forenoon - Course S.E. by E. Heavy sea - Lat 40-12 Long 38-3 - 180 miles were run by log. Service in Saloon IB sick one day.

   14  Fine N.W. wind Course S.E. Lat 40-0 Long 42-20 187 miles (but only 150 shown by log) Current to E to account for this - Shower during afternoon & evening Preparing Albatross skin & working in Cabin. Wind round to S.W. in afternoon & evening.

   15  Dull Wind W.S.W Course S.E. by E. - Lat 40-25 Long 46-0 170 miles. Afternoon Course E.S.E. by E. Wind N.W. light Cold day dull preparing albatross skin - Royals up today taken in at night.

   16  Fine Wind N.W. Course S.E. Lat 40-43 Long 50-23 202 miles Dull & cold at noon & afterwards drizzly & foggy & cold night fair improving moonlight - sea smooth - (IB first watch. G.B. second)

   17  Fine - wind W.S.W. Course SE. by E. Lat 41-19 Long 23-35 150 miles. Wind W. at noon - Day duller and colder drizzling to small rain, heavier at night - Wind W 7 1/2 knots (4025 miles in 23 days) M. topsail F.sail & F.topsail at night top gallant all day sea very smooth (about 2 1/2 points correction of compass here W.)

   July 18 Dullish afterwards finer Very little wind S.W. Course S.E. by E. about 7 knots smooth sea. No observations being cloudy at in evening 119 miles by log 41-27 by reckoning dull and inclining to rain in afternoon. Wind getting round to N.E. & E.N.E at 6 PM almost Calm & ____ no longer drizzle at 6 PM. Three new kinds of birds today - viz large black 5 1/2 feet light brown 3-6, grey tail - small one 18in with black wings & fluttering flight. besides albatross, Cape Pigeons etc Wind N.E. by S at 10PM 5 1/2 knots M.sail, Topsail, F.sail & topsail - Fine clear night (SB still unwell) 51° in cabin

  19  Drizzly, cold morning - wind still. Course S.E. by E. 3 flashes of lightening at 4AM - with change of wind. Wet all day - Very cold - 135 miles by log. No observations - Gale with squally afternoon & all night from W. Ship rolling very much occasionally Latitude observed by a star at night 41-50 (57° in cabin) Top gallant and upper bulwarks were smashed in.

   S 20  Rain & hail, heavy in Squall showers from W.N.W Ship rolling much. No service today. sunshine at 10AM got an observation for Long at 11AM 63°-23" Lat about the same as yesterday about 41°-23 the degrees of Long about 45 miles (53° in Cabin)  Strong wind all night G.B. watch.

   21  Blowing. very hard at 2 11/2 AM from W, Sail reduced to F. sail & also topsail reefed - a lurch of the vessel tore the Quarter boat from her lashing - ship rolling very much -  3 men set to be ready at each relieving tackle of the Tiller (Albatross & C. in number) 54° in Cabin (About 2 or  2 1/2 points variation here for several days back).

   22   Fine - sunshine breeze from S.W. freshened up at 9 AM Lat 41-38 Long 69-37 100 miles (50° in Cabin) Course S.E. 2 points variation F. sail & topsail M.t.sail & M. Try Sail) 6 1/2 knots - fine, calm, cold day - Wind fresh & uncertain W - in evening about W.S.W. & blowing in puffs - Clear (Doctor to Mary)

   23  Fine - sunshine - showers of hail at 10AM - Cold - Wind S.S.W. Course E.E. 6 knots M & M.t.sail & gallant F. & F.t.sail Lat 41-54 Long 73-28 176 miles (48° in Cabin) Moderate wind S.W. Squally with showers of rain in afternoon fair fresh S.W. breeze - 7 1/2 knots in evening

   24  Rain in showers, early N.W. breeze for a while at 3 AM - Dull at 8. Fine at 10 AM - S.W. breeze all day - Top gallants set 6 to 8 knots Sea moderate ship steady - Lat 42-26 Long 76-49

154 miles. fair afternoon (48° in cabin) Constructed a spirit  lamp, swing tray for tea pan for boiling water for use in the night &c. IB watch.

   25  Wind flying about to each quarter alternately. W by S & W.N.W. Course S.E. by E. Blowing hard at 2 AM - Reefed M.t.sail at 4 AM being then under M.t.sail and F. & F.t.sail - ship rolling much. Cask of vinegar got adrift on deck & knocked down Poop ladder - Lat 42-30 Long 81-11 196 knots - Dull at noon - drizzle. Wind veering from W.S.W. to W.N.W. - Heavy rain at 3 PM with wind W.S.W (58° in Cabin) Much warmer Course S.E. by E. Passed South of St. Pauls & Christmas I. which are about 28° Latitude.

   26  Dull, cloudy, Wet, Sleet, Cold Wind W.S.W 7 W Course S.E. by E. Lat 42-34 Long 86°-48 162 knots - Squally all day & night with hail & ____ & rain. Several seas shipped. S Vickers & IB capsized on Poop former slightly hurt in the ribs - blowing hard during night F.T. sail split Ship lurching and rolling much (viz 30 & 36 degrees - constructed machine to show amount of rolling) 50° in cabin - Drank Jane's health on birthday

   S 27  Cloudy - squally with hail - occasional sunshine - Wind W. Course S.E. by E. Lat 42-13 Long 88-48 180 miles - Hard gale early morning (54° in Cabin) Bitter cold wind on deck - heavy squalls. Close reefed Foresail & M.t.sail at 12 AM the only sails set (Sun's altitude 21°-15". No service today - Squalls with hail all day.

   28  Heavy squall early with hail Wind S.W. Course S.E. by E. Very cold Sea rather heavy Fore topmast stay broken No observations for the _____ Lat 41-40 Long 92-44 175 miles Hail squalls all day (G/B Watch) 2 or 3 seas shipped on Poop - G.B. drenched - heavy sea on beam Obliged to alter her Course from E. by S. in consequence. F.sail M.t.sail reefed. Wind SW.

   29  Fine with hail squalls at intervals. Lat 41-1 Long 95-42 - 140 miles (48° in Cabin) S.W. wind Course E. by S. & S.E. by S. in evening - fine Fishing for albatross which appeared today again after being absent 10-12 days. F.sail M.t.sail close reefed - heavy sea (C. pigeons constantly) _____ in new  F.topsail (Albatross again in numbers)

   30  Fair with hail & rain. Squalls at intervals Lat 40-40 Long  98-50 140 miles 53° in Cabin. Course S.E. by E. Wind S.W. Sea more moderate F.sail & M.t. Foresail F.t.sail set & trysail Squalls all day. New moon seen. Mary on deck not well yet.

   31  Dull - cloudy - fine at midday with showers of drizzly rain  much milder Wind W. changing to N.W. during forenoon. Course S.E. & S.E. by E. after noon. Lat 41-20 Long 102-28 (56° in Cabin) IB & GB caught an albatross 6-6 long. I gave it to W Thompson of fore cabin (F.sail F.T.sail M.t.topsail & topgallant .

   August 1 Dull & raining NNW Wind Course S.E. Lat 42-10 Long 105-48 156 knots 57° in Cabin (IB watch - fine starlight night all night - 7 knots)

   2  Rain NNW. Wind Course S.E. Lat 43-30 Long 108-45 - 150 miles  57° in Cabin. fair at noon Course S.E. by E. rain in afternoon 7 knots G.B, shooting with S Vickers gun Killed 8 -  IB slipped & fell on deck and hurt cheekbone & chin slightly (rolling 36° & 8)

   S 3  Strong Gale - heavy rain in early morning from W & NNW - Rain till 10 AM Lat 43-42 Long 112-45 - 180 miles 55° in Cabin - No service. Ship rolling a good deal during last night (30° & 27°) Heavy sea on weather beam all day - Wind afternoon W. &  W.S.W. Ship struck heavily several times by the sea - bulwark broken in at 10 PM 2 ft long and 1 wide.

   4   Rain & hail, heavy blow on ship & sea shipped on Poop & Main deck at 8 11/4 AM. Wind W.S.W. Course S.E. by E. Very cold on deck - ship rolling a good deal 31° & 36° Lat 44-38 Long 117-38 209 miles Course altered to S. by E. (53° in Cabin) Bulwark again broken at 8 1/4 PM on starboard side Helmsman lashed to rail for protection during morning watch. M/t/sail F. & F.topsail, all close reefed all day. Hail squalls all day.

   5  Strong gale - squalls of hail rain - high sea - Starboard Quarter boat struck heavily at 2 AM Lat 43-26 Long 132-10.197 miles 53° in Cabin Sails as before - with fore topmast  staysail which is always kept up in bad weather. Wind W. Course E. by S. (1 point variation about here) Ship rolling  32° & 28° (Average run per day for last 47 days - 169 knots) Afternoon more moderate & fair fine evening & moonlight

   6  Fine - bright - Wind S.S.W. Course E. by S. Sails as before with one reef out till M.sail added. 7 knots - Lat 44-21 Long 176-4 - 169 miles. 49° in Cabin - Wind drew to S. in afternoon M.sail furled at 5 PM Squally & few showers during the day. IB & GB shooting Cape pigeons (Ship rolling 31° &  17°)

   7   Fair - bright Wind S. Course E.S.E Set Driver & M.topsail  & M.sail at 9 AM Fresh breeze - Sun all day Lat 44-37 Long 129-46 139 miles 53° in Cabin Light wind in evening. Making a swing frame to hold the chess board when ship rolling - Ship pitching today - but rolling very little 16° & 30° Sea moderate.

   8   Fair - bright Sea almost smooth Wind S. Course E.S.E Set top gallants Lat 44-46 Long 132-40 - 124 miles 50° in cabin Ship pitching from a slight swell from S. Rolling 12 & 10°  (Shooting)

   9   Fair - bright - Wind S.S.W. Course E Strong breeze from 12 PM 8 knots - sea almost smooth - Lat 44-48 Long 135-26 - 124 miles 53° in Cabin - fair all day & moonlight at night. Driver & Gaff topsail. IB's watch, Wind falling almost calm 1 knot to 4 during night next morn 17° & 15°

   S 10  Dull - wind round to N.N.W at 4 very light rain at 8 &  during forenoon & afternoon evening fair Lat 44-48 (by log) Long 138°-0 (by obs) 51° in Cabin. Course E. Service in Saloon. 22° & 1°

   11  Dull & foggy - slight drizzle - Wind N.N.W Course E 9 knots  Lat 45-20 Long 143-57 251 miles. ° in Cabin. Ship very steady 30° & 9° Fair in forenoon - Drizzle afternoon & evening.  Course E.N.E. Close to wind At 2PM took in T.gallant - Double reefed T,sails & reefed M.sail & Driver.

   12  Wind to S.W. at 1 AM Course   Clear fair & bright all day  Lat 44-45 Ling 145-47   miles ° in cabin Wind at noon S.S.W Course at noon N.N.W 7 knots In hope of sighting V. Dieman's Land during the day then about 75 to 100 miles off. (Beautiful moonlight) Hundreds of birds around the ship trying to catch albatross - no success - Ship 28 & 19.

   13  Sighted "Perro Branch" & "Eddystone" rocks (10 miles off Van Dieman's Land) between 12 & 1 AM Then off & on till daylight - when stern on - Wind S.W. - Course N.N.E. Off these rocks at noon 5 miles - bearing N.W. by W. Dullish morning, fine gradually till clear and warm, a beautiful afternoon & evening, splendid full moon, Saw North Cape about 1 PM, it being N.W. 20 to 30 miles off. Course N. by E. Saw Tasman's Head - bearing N - 8 10 miles off at 2 PM. it bearing N W & 8 to 10 miles off it at 3 off Clouded ded Cape at about 4 PM -  & off ........ at 5 1/2 steering into Storm Bay to get to Hobart Town the Captain having explained his intention of calling there about 2 PM for the purpose of getting fresh water & fresh provisions & off getting rid of the unruly part of his crew & engaging fresh hands. Everyone Delighted with the beauty of the wooded kind land. Wind after 6 PM very light the ship making very little way up Storm Bay - tacking up during night - All the sea birds left us on entering Storm Bay no Albatrosses, C Pigeons Petrels etc. In the bay were white & grey white with black wings one caught, very like gulls, gannets etc.

   14  Splendid bright warm day throughout almost calm trying to enter the Derwent. Pilot on board by 8 1/2 AM W Hanford several cleared spots visible along the shore & patches of cultivation fishing, but nothing caught but dog fish. Port Officer came on board at 3 PM before his coming on board just found the Iron Pot lighthouse & entered the Derwent. The officer left at 4 PM to visit the Horton another vessel going up. Dropped anchor opposite H. Town at 7 PM. furled sail immediately when pilot left us At 7 1/2 Police boat & 6 men came alongside & about 8 5 men given in charge to him - viz A Miller, Agly, Bloom, Padden, Miller - Mr John Blaskett came on board at 8 PM Introduced to him by the Captain he being on a visit where he resides. Chief cabin watch discontinued today

   15  Splendid bright day All going ashore some on pleasure some shopping Left the vessel at 10 AM & went to Police station - then ambled toward foot of Mount Wellington 4800 ft high about 7 miles much pleased with town & country around - very hilly undulating, but scenery beautiful splendid rivers & anchorage town spread about very much in a series of little hills & dales in afternoon went to Lipscombes nursery 2 1/2 miles ___ ___ & selected several kinds of fruit trees & bushes @ about 1/- a piece - came back to town - had a glorious dinner ___ & back on board at 8 1/2 PM delighted with the days excursion the sailors tried & sentenced same day - 12 weeks hard labour (on tread mill) & 1 month pay forfeit for insubordination  ____ of _____ & striking & kicking officers - (the latter Miller only). Mr John Blaskett in town & got from him some useful information respecting NZ - offered to us letters of introduction in Auckland. Heard the “Kulnow” played by the guard of 4 horse ____ !

   16  Splendid bright warm day - shopping a little in forenoon Drove in afternoon with the Vickers within a mile of Bridgewater under(12 miles) up the R. Derwent where there is a wooden bridge across the R. the center part rolls back and leaves an opening for vessels to pass through (picture) Contract for 6800£ cost 7850£ the largest engineering work in the Australian Colonies - very beautiful Country Wooded hill & dale The river views beautiful.

   S 17  Splendid bright warm Day - to St. David's church in morning & A walk to Mt Wellington in afternoon into the bush to gather many plants Cultivation as hot house plants

   18  Dull all day - shopping in forenoon & went to the Govt. Gardens in afternoon - very well laid out 1 1/2 miles from many new & curious trees and plants - Dinner on board & in the evening went with Mr Vickers to meet Mr Lowry - a Wellington settler, N. Z. - gave him letter to Mr Featherstone who is an intimate friend of his - 3 more sailors & the steward discharged the former with neglect of duty in port - 3 weeks hard labour.

   19  Dull & thick fog Drizzle at 9 increasing to rain & heavy rain all day - on shore at 11 1/2 AM buying a few provisions, tea sugar Tea 1/8 & 7/- a lb (highest 3/6 & 4) Sugar brown 3d Siam 4 1/2d Lump 6 1/2 Eggs about 1/3 a doz, butter 1/3 a lb apples, 14 for 1/- Fresh butter very scarce 2lb loaves 5d - having risen from 4 1/2d today Wheat10 to 10/6 a bushel Flour 25£ a ton Potatoes 3£ to 3-5 a ton oats 5/- Barley 7/6 per bushel jams & preserves 10d a lb meat 4 1/2 a lb Hay 5-10-0 a ton onions 28£ a ton Town very dirty, and all the shine of the former 3 days taken out of it - with the wind and rain - this rain is expected to last 3 days & then fine weather again. The country around here has not any pasture land worth anything - bus some good soil here and there for cultivation the climate appears too dry for good grasses - All kinds of fruit trees grow luxuriantly here except oranges - However many very beautiful _____ _____ even some winter hardy ones Geraniums, Roses, stocks, wall flowers are in flower Geraniums being often grown as hedges - Everything very dear now here. What ordinarily 3/6 & 4/- bushel & meat 2 & 2 1/2d per lb, not expected to last at present prices. 

   20  Foggy Dull growing fine towards afternoon when fine & warm On shore at 11 AM Hair cut - shopping a little candles at 4 1/2d & 5d a lb Coals delivered at price of 8/- a ton from New Laus 1 1/2 off about 3 ft thick burns without any flame & very dirty - Those sent from Port Arthur 12/- to 14/- - but crackle & fly very much when first lighted. Garden spades 4/- 4/6 & 5/- each. gun powder 2/6 to 4/6, very good for 3/- a lb. Shot 4d a pound or 8/6 for 28lb bag. Best saddles 6£ or second rate 5 to 5-10-0. Cart harness wheeler 4-0-0 Bry 4/- bottle New hands all engaged ship cleared today of Custom House Manservant of Mr D Blackett secured passage 'Simlah' to Auckland his master going to Sydney - (Mary much better for the Hobart Town trip) Laid in 3 doz eggs for our future suppers, which we boil ourselves all very comfortable.

   21  Fair bright Clear cool - almost calm. Anchor weighed at 9 AM ship scarcely moving. Wrote to Mr John Hurstman by the brig "Munford" to Wellington - sailing same day - by favour of Mr David Lowry of Wellington a passenger on her enquiring particulars as to land,  & prices at N.P. having heard that land is hard to get there. Weighed anchor between 9 & 10 AM - tacking down the river - Squall of wind & rain & hail at 11 AM - several during the day - Wind about S. & S.S.W passed  "Iron Pot" lighthouse at 2 1/2 PM - tacking afternoon down Storm Bay. Pilot left us about 3 PM

   22  Showers of rain, Cloudy - had been tacking all night - Land still visible on both sides. Wind W. course E. at noon & afternoon E by N. dry after 11 AM, fine & bright Saw the last faint outlines of V.D. Land astern Several very large Albatross & C. pigeon ___ Course E.N.E

   23  Fair, bright, clear Stiff breeze from N.W. Course N.E. 8 or 9 knots Lat 42-54 Long 151-42 - 160 miles. Wind NW Several Albatross ___ IB shooting _______ Ship rolling 28° & 22°

   S 24  Heavy rain. Wind SE, SSE, SSW at 2 PM - 4 knots. No observations. day getting fairer and wind drawing round Course N.E. bumpy sea - ship rolling 38° & 19° - Afternoon & evening dry & fine - immense numbers of Albatross & large birds about - Service in saloon. (58° in Cabin)

   25  Fair, bright & clear - slight showers of rain in forenoon  Lat 40°-36 Long 159°-7" 194 miles - Wind S.W. Course N.E. 5 to 6 knots Sea moderate Ship rolling 25° & 13° Evening  clear & fine (56° in Cabin) G.B. rifle shooting, I.B. do each 1 albatross Royals set

   26  Fair, bright, Clear. Light wind N.N.W Course E. 5 knots  Lat 39-31 Long 161-36 - 127 miles. 56° in Cabin. Long rolling swell from S.W. Wind drew round to E.N.E & Course N by W in evening - 6 knots Annie's birthday drank health  (G.B. shooting __ albatross & C. pigeons etc)

  27  Rain in early morning - fair after 9 AM & dull. Wind E. Course N.N.E. 3 or 4 knots increasing probably to 6 or 7 hard sea & vessel pitching violently, rolling 8° & 18° Several passengers squeamish with the pitching, an unusual motion - ourselves amongst the rest 58° in Cabin Wind afternoon E.S.E & Course N.E. Several Albatross caught today.

   28  Dull Wind S. Course N.E. by E. 9 1/2 knots (8 knots during previous night) sea more moderate. Lat 37°-17" Long 164-20 - 145 miles - 59° in Cabin day got out fine & fine clear evening - New moon first seen (Ship 23° & 15°)  Wind in evening got round to S.W. dead aft Royals set.

   29  Fair, bright & calm & mild all day - Wind S. & S.W.  Course N.E. 6 knots Lat 35-55 Long 167-18. 162 miles (W.S.W) Sea much smoother some rolling 21° & 8° sheet lightning to windward all evening distant (60° in Cabin) (Richard shooting).

   30  Fair, bright, clear & mild all day - Wind W. & W. by N. Course N.E. Lat 34-35 Long 170-5 161 miles (Sheet lightning with 3 thunderclaps at 2 & 3 AM ) (ship rolling 35 & 7) Packing boxes today (Albatross & C. pigeons 60° in Cabin (Shooting Gilbert's gun)

   S 31  The "Three Kings" (islands to the N. of N. Zealand Lat 36-12)  sighted about 5 1/2 AM abreast of them at 8 AM 7 or 8 miles off bearing S.S.W. - running E by S. Wind almost calm N. 2-3 knots, sea smooth & the day bright, clear and warm 62° in cabin. Several passengers up early to see the land. Ship rolling 25° & 14° Service in saloon. Mainland seen about noon. Everyone in good spirits & delighted to see their future country. Lat 34-10 Long 172-32 ..... miles. Sailing quietly along the northern extremity of N.Z. all day. Course E. by S. from Cape Maria Van Dieman to N. Cape in squall all the way but hazy & indistinct about 15 miles off passing ahead of N. Cape about 6 1/2  PM. Bright moonlight light. Royals set all day, furled at night. breeze freshened during evening giving 7 & 8 1/2 knots at 10 PM

   1 Sept  Dull & drizzly fair at intervals W.N.W. Wind 8 1/2 knots  Course S.S.E at 8 A.M. when we were abreast of Cape Brett, Bay of Islands 7 or 8 miles off bearing W by S. at 10 1/2  abreast of "Poor Knights Islands" 7 miles off At noon we were abreast of Poor Knights Islands 6 miles off bearing W. Course S. by W. at 3 PM Squall with heavy rain & hail for short time reduced sail & wore the ship round running back again the Captain having determined to wait till daylight tomorrow before attempting to gain Auckland harbour which we could not reach before late & dark. At 3PM Cape Tewara  & Hen & Chicken Islands in view ahead on Sth. being 10 or 12 miles off. Afternoon fair and evening fair & moonlight - Strong S.W. breeze since 3 P.M. sailing off & on easily all night. South of  Poor Knights. Ship rolling 22° & 14°.

   2  Fine, bright. Wind S.W. Course S.S.E hauled up hard. 6 knots running toward Barrier Is. tacked when 3 miles off is 2 1/2 PM & back again to 3 miles of it then tacked up again at 3 1/2 & finally at 6 PM then back again passing it at 8 PM. about 4 miles. Wind almost calm S.W. by W. Course S. by E. at 10 & 11 almost dead calm in ______ sea. at 11 faint E. breeze - fishing at night no success - Day fine & evening ______ at first but clear afterwards & mild nearly all day (Note - Mrs. Ware confined today at Upper _______ of Boy) S. Vickers birthday. (Variation of compass in Hauraki Gulf 13° East)

   3  Rain & wind N.E. running from early morning towards Auckland. Pilot aboard at 9 1/2 - & dropped anchor at 10 1/4 AM. opposite Auckland 1 mile off, making 130 days from  Gravesend - Rain till noon & showers afternoon wind changeable - Went on shore at 11 AM IB & GB delivered several letters of introduction - having received on board before leaving  a letter from G Burnett, whom we expected to find on the “Ben Lomond’. a schooner bound for Wangari on Thursday 4th, found that he had left 2 days before - & arranged that we should go to the schooner to see him to sail at 8 AM next morning – saw Mr Russell, Mr Berney, Mr Sheriff, Capt Pulham, H C S, Mr McDougal, Mr J Budden. Auckland has several new buildings of brick & stone but houses or shops & stores, mostly of wood, very nicely built - streets dirty & unfinished (Pop 9000 in the district). Came on board at 5 1/2 PM had tea & packed our things ready for our trip. Heard enough today to induce us to think of remaining in Auckland & visiting from there the settlement of N. Pth. The “Norfolk” “Thames” & TMB “Fantonic” in port.

    4 Bright & fine. Mr Budden came on board all went in boat with him on shore, calling at “Ben Lomond’ on the way – found that she will not sail till 7 AM tomorrow - went to see the Barracks & Government grounds etc Wet afternoon - on board at 3 or 4 PM. “Ben Lomond” schooner 35 tons about 45ft long 15 or 16 beam & 6 or 7 ft draught, ha carried 40 tons also has carried 1200 bushels of wheat at one time! often 2000!

   Sept 5 1851 Went in board “Ben Lomond’ at 10 AM, breakfast at ab 10 3/4. SW wind got up as far as Little Barrier Is, hove to all night heavy squalls rain & wind all afternoon & night from NW. 2 natives on board - passengers. One, an owner of thre B4 schooner was sold _____ of natives by the Captain for 1000 bags of wheat =(3000 bushels) they come on one a time to learn the navigation of her. the other native had been working at the Kawarau copper mines for a fortnight & had earned enough for a pair of moleskin trousers & blue flannel over shirt.

   6th _____ weigh by daylight & were tacking all day against NW wind squalls with rain.

   S 7th Bright & beautiful _______ in anchoring under “Bream Head” the entrance to Wangari R at 4 AM 1/2 mile off shore which consists of several rugged & picturesque hills partially wooded, cattle grazing & schooner building by Mr D Hoyt his hut adjacent - at 11 1/4 AM proceeded with tide up  the R. fair wind  SW arriving at anchorage at about 4 PM then took ship’s boat & rowed to the first settlers house 1 to 2 miles further up. Mr Pettingales - saw him, Mr Dent, Mr Nairn, Mr  Bedlington, Mr Holman, ( & Mr  J Burnett about 8 PM), stayed with latter in his Raupo hut just erected & ______ upon the day previous (NB  Mr D Campbell of the B4 says that his expenses per month will take with himself & 4 ____ has refused 30£ a month & thinks 1 per ton ______ reasonably, say 35£ or 40£ ) 50£ or 60£ for going to East Cape & back) (Indian corn 60lbs a bushell dry 70 lbs when sold damp [80 lbs in cob] - a bushell measure din cob gives exactly a bushell of the seed when taken from the cob as the corns lie so much more loosely together)

   Sept 8th Looked around Mr Burnett’s land 400 acres (200 at 7/6 200 at 10/-) mostly fern & scoria scattered over it in large quantities. Mr Frazers & Mr Carruths splendid bright warm day saw 2 native settlements & lots of natives - we living in rough bush style - a good initiation.

   9  Splendid bright day warm went to the Waterfall 2 miles off, beautiful scenery,  fall 87 ft into a deep oval rocky basin densely wooded at the lower end - went over Mr Carruth’s section 200 acres  at 10/-

   10  Weather as yesterday. Went with GB * Mr Mc Ewan into the bush to shoot pigeons. got 7. delightful ramble - hard wirk travelling in bush such dense vegetation 7 such numerous supple jacks & such like creepers interrupting the way - back at 4 1/2 & had stewed pigeons & pork & potatoes & tea “a la bush”

   11  Up at 6 breakfast at 7 at _______ & then over to the beach & found the “Ben Lomond” gone, luckily found a canoe in which J B paddled G B and I to the schooner which we found anchored 6 miles down the R. Mr Frazer & Mr Dent also passengers to Akl with 12 cattle, 12 pigs I-corn butter etc - slept on deck this night.

   12 - at 3 1/2 AM anchored at the “Kaw -aw: copper mines & Mr Dent tried to sell Pigs & butter etc 1 pig sold 2 d in the pound alive also Butter 1/4 2/6 offered for I-corn (3/6 wanted). Saw the smelting works & at a distance also the Mines where they have 2 engines at work, the copper one they smelt with ____ and send to ___ in that state. Thunder, lightning & rain from 8 to 10 AM. At 1 1/2 PM started for Auckland - anchored at 11 PM at N. Head on board.

   13  at 4 AM anchored at N. Auckland & at 6 1/2 on board the “Simlah”. Fine warm day on shore in forenoon seeing Mr MacBeth & garden good house & beautiful garden.

   S 14  Fine warm day.writing in the forenoon - letters & Mr ____ dined with us.

   15  Went at 8 AM to N Shore to see Mr Carruth about his land at Wangari - back at 11  - then walked out on the Epsom road to see Mr ____ who was not at home - on board at 6 PM after seeing Mr Ms Dougal & D _____

   16  Calm fine day W wind Mr Carruth called on board “Simlah” at 10 AM went on shore with him - saw the plan of his land at “Wangari” - considered his terms viz 220£ for around 200£ for 200 acres with house, the better, fern land with scoria on it - afterwards offered 200£ for either - & declined - dinner at 6 with Mr Gilfillan - to whom we had letters from Mr Kidd - on board at 10 PM.

   17  Fine warm showery - walked with Mr Frazer & Mr Oughton to the farms of Mr R Taylor & W Taylor on the Tamaki River - 8 miles - day turned very wet, roads wretched: back by t - very wet and muddy. N E wind (HMS Pandora came to Auckland)

   18  Fine day, S W wind - Went ashore to the Union Bank of Australia - (deposited money there) Mr Kennedy & Mary walked to Barracks & back to ship at 2 1/2 PM. Sent letters, 1 to Father, 1 to Mr Chrisp, 1 to Mrs T Blaskett 8’

   Sept 19 1851  Fine warm, walked with G & Mr Redhead & Mr Field to see some farms at the mouth of the River Wao, 5 or 6 miles W. of Auckland - back at 6 PM. Two heavy showers today one at 11 1/2 AM and  one at 6 PM

   20  Dull shower at 10 - on board till 1. pulled ashore & bought some cordage - fishing in afternoon away from the ship a mile caught 5 1 Kawai, 3 gurnets, 1 unknown  - 1/2 bucket of oysters.  Mr Bedlington on board.

   S 21  Fine warm day SW wind - on board expecting Mr Buddle who did not come having sailed unexpectedly AM  - On shore at 3 1/2 PM with Mary & Sarah walked to the top of Mount Eden 1 1/4 hours walked back at 6 PM. splendid extensive views from Mt the country around Auckland partly flat partly undulating dotted with cones of extinct volcanoes in great numbers - immense quantities of scoria scattered over the face of the land in the vicinity of the volcanic hills.

   22  Fine warm - on shore at 10 1/2 - called on Mr Gilfillan - saw Mr Berry the Sherrif - left name cards at Government House - (Col Wynyard Lieut Governor), a ceremony usual with newcomers - (the Governor Sir P ____ not now in Auckland) - on board at 2  ( Mr Clark called on board with Mr & Mrs Malcolm passengers by the Victory Oct 1849 - cargo nearly discharged, taking ballast in.

NB MR chrisp farm 60 acres - 200£ per annum 17 cows on farm belonging to landlord - & their increase also - about 60 lbs of butter to market per week 1/- & 1/3 a lb (3 miles off Auckland) - Mr Clark 60 acres - 120 £ per year 13 cows 40 lbs butter per week (cows give 4 to 4 1/2 lbs of butter per week).

   23  Fine warm day G & I breakfasted at S with sun & then walked with one of them to Mt Albert to Mr Allen______ farms 300 acres - 120 cultivated, nice kitchen garden - 6 acres good ___  fern & tea tree - back  up to Auckland - wet evening - stayed ashore at the  Exchange Hotel.

   24  Dull - walked out to Mr Clark’s farm - 3 1/2 miles back here at 10 1/2 heavy rain all forenoon & afterwards - on board at 2 PM - packing broken box No 37 in afternoon

   25  Wet strong N W wind staying on board all day & seeing packages  properly placed & all together in the hold & ready for N Plymouth

   26  Showery  - fine in afternoon - on board packing & arranging things in cabin - Mr Gardiner & Mr W Carrington on board in the afternoon - both going to England in the “Emigrant” ( the ship “Emigrant” arrived in Auckland today) the _____ to get medical ______ for his sight being afflicted with ophthalmia

   S 28  Fine day a few light showers - wind N E All at church this morning - then a walk & back to  the ship to dinner. Several of our passengers on board the “Emigrant”.

   29  Fine - wind E taking on ballast (the last lot). posted 4 letters  for England per :”Emigrant”* - said goodbye to Auckland friends. (water cask adrift with the down tide) * she is laden with  timber & has on deck one _____ or gum tree 146 ft long, 20 in wide, & 4  to 6  inches _____ from Hobart Town..

   30  Dull Nth E strong = Rain in afternoon heavy, fair in evening 2 oars stolen from the ship’s boat when on shore

   1 Oct 1851 Dull wind E Rain at 11 AM till  3 1/2 PM - Pilot on board at 12 - anchor weighed & ship dropped down to the N Head - tacking - anchored at 2. Captain on shore & on board at 5 PM - fishing in afternoon - 4 snappers caught each about 14” or 15” long 5: deep & 2 thick - beautiful golden red colour. Native came a long side in canoe selling snapper 4 for 6d one Kawai 24” 4d.

   2nd  Dull morning - took 11 tons ballast in Pilot on board & weighed anchor at 11 1/2 AM starting with a fair SW wind  - strong breeze - off Wangari at 6 Pm 60 miles  (10 knots an hour) some few of the passengers squeamish. Doctor & Captain at variance - former refused to take service with Captain!

   3rd  Fine day SW wind course W N W - several passengers ill - ourselves among the number, very miserable & sea sick in berths & bed al day.

   4  Fine day SW wind at 12 60 miles N of N Cape - feeling better all on deck a while - ( albatross C pigeon petrel etc)

   S 5  Fine S by E wind -course WSW Lat 32-25 - Long 171-21 - 110 miles NW of C Maria all feeling nearly well & on deck sea smoother.

   6  Fine bright quite calm - warm -ship not moving - albatrosses sitting around the vessel close to in numbers C pigeons etc Lat 32-37 - Long 170-15 56 miles w of yesterday (Note Butchers Hill at Auckland for fresh meat at 4 1/2d  per lb ____ 105£. Best bread 5 1/4 the 2 lb loaf, second 4 1/2 do. day very warm & bright & ____ all through - Very splendid moonlight night - Caught a blue shark 9ft long in afternoon with pilot fish swimming around him - when he at first appeared at stern of vessel  he seemed able to swallow some of the large albatrosses sitting quietly on the water but they were too “wide awake” for him - (very light air in evening N S W). Quantities of jelly or blubber fish of all colours sizes & shapes floating about in the clear water.

   7th  Wind sprang up in the middle watch WNW ship lying S - 5 knots. Day bright beautiful & warm fresh breeze Lat 33-50 Long 170-50 sea smoother - about 50 miles off  “3 Kings’- Fine moonlight night  7 1/2 knots.

   8th  Dull Wind NNW at 8AM  5&6 knots Lat 36-20 Long171-51 63° in cabin - Day  fine & bright by noon - (Albatross, C pigeon, Petrel etc) Rain heavy at 11 PM  & all night. (J B’s birthday)

   9th  Dull - afterwards much finer Lat 38-40 Long 172-31 146 miles. Wind NW course SE after 2 AM Course at noon E by S. About 60 miles _____ & all in anxious expectation & looking out for “Old Taranaki’s” snowy peak but the day continuing rather hazy we did not get a glimpse of it - though several thought they saw land (which they didn’t)

   10th  Land seen at 4 1/2 Am Mt Egmont - 10 or 12 miles off bearing E by S, stood in close & were signalled from the shore, being told to stand off the pilot boat being unable to come off for the surf forbidding ______Wind WNW at 10 steered due N slowly. Mt Egmont covered with snow with all the lower land looking green & beautiful - lots of timber. Tacking all day N & S gradually drawing off the coast Wind ___ in evening.

   Oct 11th 1851  Fine wind, light W by S log swell rolling vessel about 20 miles from land 2 1/2  - 3 knots - gradually sailing towards N P - at 6 PM pilot came  on board (8 miles out) at 6 1/2 the boat left again with 6 passengers - self included - 2 3/4 hours heavy pull with 6 oars , to the landing place - all safely landed - number of people on the beach - Splendid moonlight night clear & ___ to the snowy top of Mt Egmont ____ & phanton-like in moonlight - Called first on Mr R Brown - re letter from Mr Kidd - then to Shop Inn. Comfortable quarters had good tea - saw Mr Richmond & Mr D Hawthorne.

   S 12  Up at 6 sea smooth - but ____Hawthorne to look after ______  _______ at 7 1/2  & ______ in  ________ a four roomed cottage 1 1/4 miles on the Devon road  at the  - Hurin river with mill pond etc etc - got all our goods except 11 boxes landed today 2 cargo boats working all day till _____ “Simlah” anchored  2 1/2 miles out - numbers of people on beach ________all day _______  ______ _____ _____ - got the damsels off & the other load of passengers safely ashore at 11AM - all our packages taken to the Custom House _____ stores - George came or  more in evening & both busy till & PM (about 45 passengers landed at N.P. wind s ( all slept at Inn)

Note flagstaff at N.P. 39°- 3’-35”. Long 174°-5”-31” east High water at full & change 9hrs 30mins. Range 12 feet. Sugar loaves height Nahanga 190 ft, Roa 266 Paretutu 503 - Mt Egmont 8720 _____  ______ 170 ft.

   Oct 13 1851  sea smooth George went on board again to get one box _____ which did by 1 PM - Had one cart load of bedding & the ______ sent to our house today 1 1/2 hours & slept there at night - Had a visit from M in evening - Mrs Wicksteed in the evening - the owner of the house - she intimated that Mr H had no authority to let the house only to sell it - determine therefore to seek another.

   14  Strong NW surf rain Out today with Mr H seeking another domicile - saw several  & determined on buying one town section 1/4 acre - with 2 roomed house on it - well etc 1/2 mile from the town.

   15  Effected purchase of house mentioned  & now have above - and now have cart loads of boxes taken there in evening & some planking etc to repair house

   16  Wind working all day at house - fine day - at tea to Mr Reynolds

   17 S wind - showery - paid duty on goods 8£ - tea to Dr Wilsons superintendent of Hospital Wind very light & calm sea smooth - Dull

   18  Working all day on house Fine day at tea to Miss Wicksteed also there Revd Mr Sonette & Lady - Mr & Mrs Fitch - Custom house collector & Postmaster, Dr & Mrs Wilson.

   S 19  Dull N W & surf Rained at 12 - at the Hessan Chapel - 5 minuts walk from our house Mr Sonette officiating - Rain all day after noon & all night through (“Cashmere” arrived  in Auckland – sailed from England 12 June)

   20  Wet morning till 11 AM NW Then cleared up fine & warm - wind to SW _____ both to new house at 11 - working there all day J B in town from 2 1/2 till 5 got two cart loads of boxes up in afternoon (2 till 6). Ordered some timber of Mr R Brown for a new room to the house - new flag staff erected to day at the Signal Station in N P. Maori wedding at New Plymouth  - bride & groom very proud (lot of natives assembled) bride dressed in white ______ muslin & silk stockings.

   21st  Dull & showery till noon , afterwards fine all day sea smooth wind S both working at house all day - opened No 46 box - Barne’s - I B hurt right foot - big toe by fall of No 17 box on it, handle giving way - very painful till bathed in warm water & punctured. G B & SB at Rev & Mrs Sonette’s in evening to tea IB &MB at new house tonight one iron bed up Cool in evening. Cart to house 11 1/2 AM till 7. Got all 4 trips. Got all our boxes etc from bonded warehouse today 4 trips the last trip with timber for new room from R Brown.

   22nd  Fine day wind SW. Working at new house all day, putting boxes to rights & cleaning up, foot much better & less painful. Opened F__s’ package No 40 & placed timber on edge to dry.

   23rd  Fine all day Wind SW  sea smooth - Working at new house all day making store house etc able to get about a little better today.

   24th  Fine all day &warm Wind SW sea smooth Working all day at new house - stove & chimney. 2 cart loads of luggage etc from H___’s 10 till 1 PM paid Richard same day for cartage - stowing rest of luggage etc.

   25th  Fine day & warm wind SW sea smooth = stove chimney - 1 hour - setting47 fruit trees 3 & 4 feet apart & 12 gooseberries & digging ground between - stove chimney top at night 1 1/2 hours.

   S 26  Fine & warm wind SW sea smooth. I & S at NP church in morning - all at Dr Homes’ to tea in evening. (“Lucy James” arrived this morning)

   27  Fine day Warm Wind SW - sea smooth - I B & GB in town M & S at K____ house putting it in order. Paid Mr Murch for house & town section No 1119 N. Plymouth & had it transferred.

(Note “Lucy James” Schooner sailed for Kawhia in evening having loaded bricks etc here.

- before Mr W Halse Crown Commissioner to our names in NZ Companys books. Paid also the Pilot J Watson the landing Charges for selves & goods - Paid also Brown for timber sent to our house - G B digging ground for Potatoes etc.

   28  Fine day warm Wind SW , N in morning, sea smooth - setting potatoes, rows 27” apart7 rows of 30 - white & arranged things in the house - W Hulke called  - about in forenoon - about 12 persons ___this morning with A Carrington to inspect the “Tataraimaku” block.

   29  Dullish fine afterwards & warm Wind SE sea smooth G. set potatoes, 8 rows, red. Currant bushes planted, J B making & _____ wicket in front garden - To Mr Hulke’s Mill in afternoon to ______ & the accounts & then to tea as also Mrs J & Mrs S.

   30  Dullish - fine & warm afterwards Wind W sea smooth putting in shelves etc in house & putting in new lower bed frame in front of house. Mr & Mrs ____hole called.

31 Fine day warm, Wind w. sea smooth - repairing front of house 1 hour making flower beds & steps in front of house - also set more silver skin potatoes (& 20 red potatoes) at back of house with manure - also flower seeds in front & 2 cucumber plants, trimmed & trained the 2 vines ___  No 13 Box, zinc - M & S called on MR Humphries & Mr Carrington.

   Nov 1  Fine day warm, Wind WSW sea smooth. Whales sporting in view ___ went to old house at H____ to recover lost bucket in mill - In town in afternoon to see Mr Hulke - Mr & Mrs Vickers & family to tea ( Mr Redshaw  & Mr Leitch called)


[At this point in his diary Mr Blackett has decided that he would sort out all the meterological notes by having 7 columns occupying the right hand side of the page, the first giving the time of day and being in 3 lines generally 8, 12, 8 meaning presumably 8 AM, noon & 8 PM, the next column giving the barometric pressure at the appropriate hours, then a column with the temperature, then wind direction, then rainfall, then the sky, then finally the state of the sea.]   

    S 2nd I & MB at N P church in morning - day warm all at Mr J Hursthouses to tea in afternoon - saw there Miss P Richmond & Mr Webster.

   3rd  Working in front garden digging & setting pea, ____  melons, vegetable marrow, onions, lettuce & turnips & kidney beans, till 3PM - making meal chests out of No 13 box. Handling axes etc. Called on Redhead & Mr Vickers at - all at tea  to Mr Humphries _____ wet night.

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