The ARAWA departed London on 23 June, 1911 and arrived in Wellington on 9 August, 1911.

Captain Clayden was in command.



Transcribed from the Evening Post, 9 August 1911, Page 8



ARAWA, FROM LONDON, The Shaw, Savill, and Albion liner ARAWA arrived in the stream at Wellington today about 12.30 p.m. from London and Plymouth, via Capetown, and Hobart, and berthed at the King's Wharf at 2 o'clock. The vessel, which sailed from London on the 23rd June, had a fine weather voyage. The Arawa, which is still in command of Captain Clayden, is officered as follows:- Chief, Mr. F. Green; second, Mr. C. M. Andrews; third, Mr. H. P. Thurston; fourth, Mr. H. Hankin, purser, Mr. F. G. Hanman; surgeon, Dr. P. Grant; chief steward. Mr. C. J. Hobden; chief engineer, Mr. C. K. Cleator; second, Mr. Widdrington; third, Mr. Rattray; fourth, Mr, J. McNiven; fifth, Mr. A. E. Aggett; sixth, Mr. A. Cooper; Mr. W. Moore is first refrigerating engineer, and Mr. J. F. Bowler is second. The boilermaker is Mr. J. Hunter, and Mr. P. Kincaid is electrician.





This passenger list was transcribed from the images on the Family Search website.


Name, Age, Occupation, Nationality, Port to Land


1st Saloon Passengers:-

Mr. F.W. Mannsell, 24, Student, English, Wellington

Mrs. Maxwell, 47, Housewife, Scotch, Wellington

Miss Maxwell, 16, Nil, Scotch, Wellington

Dr. S. Reid, 46, Medical, Scotch, Wellington

Mr. Hodges, 28, Mariner, English, Teneriffe

Mr. Shillitoe, 32, Traveller, English, Wellington


2nd Saloon Passenger:-

Mr. J. Bruce, 33, Traveller, English, Wellington

Mrs. Burgess, 26, Housewife, English, Wellington

Mr. A.G. Carless, 24, Farmer, English, Wellington

Mr. Horner, 38, Traveller, English, Wellington

Mrs. Horner, 29, Housewife, English, Wellington

Mr. W. Kidston (Kitson), 36, Traveller, English, Wellington

Miss C. Knight, Nil, English, Wellington

Mr. J. McGregor, Farmer, Scotch, Wellington

Mr. J. Tavendale, 22, Farmer, Scotch, Wellington

Mr. L. Tavendale, 19, Farmer, Scotch, Wellington

Mr. R. Wilson, 16, Farmer, Scotch, Wellington

Mr. Skirving, 26, Clerk, Scotch, Wellington

Mrs. Skirving, 24, Housewife, Scotch, Wellington

Master P. Skirving, 3, Nil, Scotch, Wellington

Mr. A. Stewart, 34, Farmer, Scotch, Wellington

Mr. R. Williams, 40, Merchant, English, Wellington

Mr. J. Roberts, 55, Nil, English, Wellington

Mrs. Roberts, 50, Nil, English, Wellington



The following passengers were embarked at LONDON:-

Name, Age, Occupation, Nationality, Port to Land


W. Allen, 32, Miner, Scotch, Wellington

J. Allen, 20, Miner, Scotch, Wellington

E.Ayeton, 29, Farmer, English

Mr. Armstrong, 26, Clerk, English

Mrs. Armstrong, 24, Housewife, English

Master Armstrong, 1, Nil, English

Mrs. Broughton, 43, Cook, English

Mr. Brewer, 31, Farmer, English, Wellington

Mrs. Boon, 28, Housewife, English, Wellington

Miss Bloomfield, 23, Housekeeper, Irish

Mr. J. Broughton, 45, Pit Sinker, English

Mr.Brimblecombe, 27, Clerk, English, Wellington

Mrs.Brimblecombe, 27, Housewife, English, Wellington

Mrs. Boston, 36, Housewife, English

Master A. Boston, 11, Nil, English

Master W. Boston, 9, Nil, English

Master S. Boston, 7, Nil, English

Master T. Boston, 2, Nil, English

Mr. A. Ballard, 24, Butcher, English, Wellington

Mr. J. Brown, 18, Labourer, Scotch

Mr. W.A. Bell, 21, Shepherd, English

Mr. R. Beveridge, 23, Miner, English

Mr. J. Bilby, 29, Dealer, English

Mr. J.W. Berridge, 20, Boot Maker, English, Wellington

Mrs. Bush, 31, Housewife, English

Master E. Bush, ?, Nil, English

Master L. Bush, 2, Nil, English

Miss J. Cooper, 21, Domestic, Scotch, Wellington

Miss E. Cook, 29, Domestic, English

Mrs.Cebals, 26, Dairy Asst., English

Mrs.Calderwood, 25, Housewife, English

Master D. Calderwood, 3, Nil, English

Miss J. Calderwood, 1, Nil, English

Miss M. Calderwood, 1, Nil, English

Mr. A. Cox, 31, Clerk, English

Mrs. Coe, 28, Housewife, English

Miss P. Coe, 5, Nil, English

Master T. Coe, 2, Nil, English

Mr. R. Chiswell, 23, Boot Maker, English

Mr. T. Corbett, 32, Grocer, Irish

Mr. D. Cavin, 24, Ploughman, Scotch

Mr. C.F. Carlsen, 31, Farmer, Danish, Wellington

Mr. C. Cassidy, 45, Farmer, Irish

Mr. T. Connor, 25, Labourer, Irish, Wellington

Mr. J. Cullen, 39, Farmer, Scotch

Mrs. J. Cullen, 30, Housewife, Scotch

Mrs. Douglas, 48, Housewife, Scotch

Miss B. Douglas, 11, Nil, Scotch

Miss S. Douglas, 8, Nil, Scotch

Miss J. Douglas, 2½, Nil, Scotch

Miss M. Douglas, 17, Domestic, Scotch

Mr. Douglas, 27, Miner, Scotch

Mrs. Douglas, 25, Housewife, Scotch

Miss M. Douglas, 2½, Nil, Scotch

Master J. Douglas, 1½, Nil, Scotch

Miss R. Dixon, 33, Domestic, English

Mr. J. Douglas, 49, Miner, Scotch

Mr. H. Douglas, 25, Miner, Scotch

Mr. T. Douglas, 23, Grocer, Scotch

Mr. J. Douglas, 21, Miner, Scotch

Mr. Dunlop, 38, Grocer, Scotch

Mrs. Dunlop, 34, Housewife, Scotch

Mr. P. Davidson, 46, Farmer, Scotch, Wellington

Mrs. Davidson, 44, Housewife, Scotch, Wellington

Mr. A. Davidson, 25, Farmer, Scotch, Wellington

Mrs. Davidson, 22, Housewife, Scotch, Wellington

Mrs. Dyson, 30, Housewife, English

Miss E. Dyson, 8, Nil, English

Miss P. Dyson, 6, Nil, English

Master G. Dyson, 5, Nil, English

Mr. F. Davis, 21, Farmer, English

Mr. P. Eadie, 27, Ploughman, English, Wellington

Mr. H. Espley, 22, Clerk, English

Mr. S. Fearn, 24, Architect, English

Mrs. E. Fox, 64, Housewife, English

Mr. J. Fitzpatrick, 26, Labourer, Irish

Mr. ?. Fryer, 25, Clerk, English

Mrs.Gwilliam, 28, Housewife, English

MissGriffiths, 21, Box Maker, English, Wellington

Miss M. Ash, 19, Box Maker, English, Wellington

Miss H. Bryant, 25, Box Maker, English, Wellington

MissGreenhalgh, 24, Domestic, English

Mr.Glaucefield, 33, Inspector, English

Mrs.Glaucefield, 40, Housewife, English

Mr. A. Guthrie, 28, Gardener, Scotch, Wellington

Mr. J. Guthrie, 27, Forester, Scotch, Wellington

Mr. T. Gerrard, 24, Farmer, Scotch, Wellington

Mrs.Gerrard, 60, Housewife, Scotch, Wellington

Mrs.Hinchcliff, 28, Housewife, English, Wellington

Miss K. Hinchcliff, 6, Nil, English, Wellington

Master F. Hinchcliff, 4, Nil, English, Wellington

Mr. G. Hughes, 32, Miner, English

Mr. C.T Horton, 24, Farmer, English

Miss M. Hamilton, 23, Domestic, Scotch, Wellington

Miss R. Hanlin, 21, Domestic, Scotch

Miss E. Hynett, 27, Domestic, Scotch

Mrs. Hayes, 24, Housewife, English

Master Hayes, 3, Nil, English

Mr. Howard, 31, Baker, English, Wellington

Mr. J. Hills, 35, Labourer, English

Mr. R. Hopkins, 28, Miner, English

Mr. B. Hill, 25, Forester, English, Wellington

Mr. J. Hanley, 30, Labourer, Irish

Mr. W. Hepburn, 24, Butcher, Scotch

Mr. J. Hepburn, 38, Printer, Scotch

Mr.Holgate, 31, Joiner, English

Mrs.Holgate, 35, Housewife, English

Mr. Hale, 34, Miner, English

Edith Hale, 8, Nil, English

Lucy Hale, 5, Nil, English

Vera Hale, 2½, Nil, English

Master L. Hale, 1, Nil, English

Mr. N.R. Jamieson, 18, Clerk, English, Wellington

Mr. J. Irvine, 25, Moulder, English

Mr. E Jellman, 28, Clerk, English

Mr. J. Inglis, 45, Farmer, Scotch

Mr. J. Jensen, 22, Farmer, Danish, Wellington

Mr. A. Jensen, 20, Farmer, Danish, Wellington

Mr. R. Jones, 27, Miner, English

Miss A. Kennedy, 25, Domestic, English

Miss T. Kenny, 46, Housekeeper, Irish, Wellington

Mr. C. Knowles, 28, Horseman, English

Mr. W.H. Lemon, 26, Labourer, English

Mr. R.F. Lowndes, 42, Inspector, English

Mr. J. Laing, 18, Ploughman, English

Miss M. McCormick, 25, Dressmaker, Irish

Miss E. Maybury, 24, Domestic, English

Mr. J. Maclachlan, 25, Draper, Scotch

Mr. B. Maclachlan, 23, Traveller, Scotch

Mr. R.S. Moore, 30, Labourer, English, Wellington

Mr. W. Makinson,27, Draper, English

Mr. W. Murphy, 25, Tailor, Irish

Mr. J. Higgins, 28, Tailor, Irish

Miss E. Moir, 24, Domestic, English

Miss A. Miller, 24, Domestic, Scotch

Miss E. Newcombe, 21, Shoe Hand, English, Wellington

Miss S. Pearson, 21, Shoe Hand, English, Wellington

Mr. Nash, 34, Cattle Breeder, English

Mrs. Nash, 37, Housewife, English

Master Nash, 4, Nil, English

Miss E. O’Brien, 30, Domestic, English

Mr. Paris, 34, Labourer, English, Wellington

Mrs. Paris, 29, Housewife, English, Wellington

Miss D. Panatt, 23, Domestic, English

Miss R. Porteous, 32, Book Keeper, English

Mr. J. Pinder, 32, Wood Turner, English, Wellington

Mr. W. Parker, 59, Engine Driver, English

Mrs. Parker, 61, ??, English

Miss H. Parker, 31, Domestic, English

Miss A. Phillips, 18, Domestic, English

Mr. G. Pickett, 22, Shoe Hand, English, Wellington

Mr. J. Pearson, 35, Labourer, Scotch

Miss C. Patience, 28, Domestic, Scotch

Miss M. Quigg, 25, Cook, Irish

Miss. A. Robinson, 30, Domestic, English

Mr. J. Richardson, 30, Blacksmith, Scotch

Mr. A. McCallum, 22, Grocer, Scotch

Miss H. Robinson, 19, Domestic, English

Miss G. Robinson, 17, Domestic, English

Miss E. Royle, 34, Domestic, English, Wellington

Mr. J. Rattray, 29, Book Keeper, Scotch

Mr. P. Riley, 32, Cotton Spinner, English

Mr. E. Ross, 31, Cotton Spinner, English

Mr. Duffy, 46, Station Master, Irish

Mrs. Duffy, 45, Housewife, Irish

Master F. Duffy, 11, Nil, Irish

Miss F. Duffy, 11, Nil, Irish

Master K. Duffy, 7, Nil, Irish

Master R. Duffy, 5, Nil, Irish

Mr. T. Robinson, 19, Clerk, Irish

Miss H. Stephenson, 33, Domestic, English

Mr.Skirving, 38, Insurance Agent, English

Mrs.Skirving, 38, Housewife, English

Mr. Sinclair, 24, Music Teacher, English

Mrs. Sinclair, 29, Housewife, English

Miss Sinclair, 2½, Nil, English

Robert Scott Sinclair, 1, Nil, English

Mr.Scriminger, 28, Labourer, Irish, Wellington

Mrs.Scriminger, 27, Housewife, Irish, Wellington

Mrs. Simmonds, 34, Housewife, English

Florence Simmonds, 9, Nil, English

Harry Simmonds, 7, Nil, English

Kenneth Simmonds, 4, Nil, English

Phyllis Simmonds, 2, Nil, English

Mr. J. Stewart, 25, Hairdresser, English, Wellington

Mr. T. Thompson, 28, Fisherman, English

Mr. F. Sharpe, 26, Tape Mfr., English

Mr. H.W. Stoyle, 36, Farm Work, English

Mr. J. Shields, 43, Farmer, English

Mr. H.D. Shaw, 20, Labourer, English

Mr. W.C. Smith, 20, Labourer, Scotch

Mr. M.A. Stark, 30, Labourer, English

Mr. J. Wetton, 25, Labourer, English

Mr. T.A. Smith, 37, Shoe Maker, English

Mr. E.G. Sellers, 31, Clerk, English

Mr. J.W Silvester, 17, Baker, English

Miss M. Shaw, 29, Housekeeper, English

Miss E. Stocks, 38, Domestic, English

Miss R. Torpey, 36, Domestic, English

Mrs. A. Thorpe, Housewife, English

Mr. H. Tyrrell, 42, Maltster, Irish

Mr. W. Thoyne, 21, Labourer, English

Mr. J.W. Turner, 19, Labourer, Scotch

Mrs. Tuck, 36, Housewife, English

Master W. Tuck, 6, Nil, English

Master N. Tuck, 5, Nil, English

Master E. Tuck, 2, Nil, English

Miss M. Urquhart, 23, Domestic, Scotch, Wellington

Mr. A.E. Welch, 39, Stationa?, English

Mrs. J. Wright, ?6, Domestic, Scotch

Miss A. Wright, 38, Domestic, Scotch

Mrs.Whitta, 40, Housewife, Irish

Master W. Whitta, 16, Nil, Irish

Miss E. Whitta, 15, Nil, Irish

JamesWhitta, 13, Nil, Irish

Master G. Whitta, 11, Nil, Irish

Miss M. Whitta, 9, Nil, Irish

Master T. Whitta, 6, Nil, Irish

Master B. Whitta, 5, Nil, Irish

Mr. J. Wood, 30, Pit Sinker, Scotch

Miss A. Weir, 22, Domestic, English

Miss M. Whalley, 24, Domestic, English, Wellington

Mr. J.R. Warr, 21, Engine Cleaner, English

Mrs. J. Wright, 41, Housewife, Scotch

Mr. G. Watson, 22, Ploughman, English, Wellington

Mr. W. Wellings, 23, Labourer, English

Mr. F. Waterland, 19, Farmer, English

Miss A. Watt, 19, Domestic, Scotch

Miss M. Wallace, 21, Domestic, Scotch

Mr. C.J. Leven, 29, Hairdresser, English


The following passengers were embarked at PLYMOUTH:-


Mr. T.H. Batstone, 22, Butcher, English

Miss S. Hawkins, 26, Domestic, English

Mr. G. Powell, 30, Farmer, English

Mr. E. Rodden, 29, Farmer, English

Mr. A. Storey, 19, Farmer, English

Mr. S.H. Shergold, 28, Clerk, English

Mr. J. Widgery, 22, Gasfitter, English

Mr. W.F. Woods, 19, Butcher, English


The following passengers were embarked at CAPETOWN:-



Mr. W. Bates, 31, Clerk, English, Wellington

Mr. H. Ford, 26, Dealer, English, Wellington

Mr. Ferguson, 31, Farmer, English, Wellington

Mrs. Ferguson, 29, Housewife, English, Wellington

Master Ferguson, 1, Nil, English

Mr. E. Hall, 26, Farmer, English, Wellington

Miss F.M. Jeanes, 24, Domestic, English, Wellington

Mr. H. Low, 31, Farmer, English, Wellington


The following passengers were embarked at HOBART:-

Mr. A. Murphy, 26, Farmer, English





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