The ATHENIC departed London on 30 July, 1902 and arrived in Wellington, via Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 18 September, 1902. Captain Charles H Kempson was in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, of 18 September 1902, Page 4




The second voyage to the colony of the big White Star liner Athenic was completed at half past 7 o’clock this morning, when she arrived in the stream. At 11 o'clock she was berthed at the Queen's Wharf and her passengers landed. She left London on 31st July and Plymouth on 2nd August. Moderate NE trade winds were experienced until Teneriffe was reached on 7th August. From there to Capetown fresh SE trade winds and unusually heavy head seas were met with. The South African port was arrived at on 24th August and departed from the same day, after 181 passengers had been landed and 167 embarked. The run to Hobart, where the steamer arrived on 12th inst, was marked by exceptionally strong W and SW gales. From the Tasmanian capital to Wellington, however, fine weather was experienced, and the steamer arrived as above after a total steaming time of from Plymouth of 43 days 22 hours 16 minutes. The usual games, sports, concerts, &c, helped to pass the time pleasurably for the passengers.

The following are her Wellington passengers:-

 Saloon -

Misses - Chapple, Larden, Riddiford,

Nursing Sisters - Hook, Piper, O'Shanahan, Ferguson,

Mesdames - Jackson, Piper, Bowness, Capt Studdy, Lieuts Thompson, Lascelles, Neille,

Mesrs -  Colton-Fox, Jackson, Piper, McGregor, Bowness.


Second saloon -

Misses - Evans, Phelps,

Mesdames - Dodwell, Evans, Lett, Southward,

Messrs - Lett, Mackie. McMenamen, Southward, Macmillan,

Master - Southward,

She has also 60 third-class.

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