The DILHAREE departed from London on 12 October 1874 and arrived in Auckland on 16 January 1875, with Captain R McNeilly in command.



Transcribed from the Auckland Star, 16 January 1895. Page 3






A barque was signalled early this morning, but, owing the southerly wind, she was has not been able to make the harbour up to the time of our going to press. At two o'clock her number was made out, and she proved to be the barque Dilharee from London, with immigrants. Many were much surprised in conse­quence of believing the Dilharee to be a ship, but had they studied the expected list of the Star they would have seen it mentioned all along as a barque. The Dilharee has been a ship, but she has been altered to that of a barque. It is nearly certain that the Health Officer and Immigration Officer will go off to her this evening. The Dilharee left London October 12th, and is consequently 106 days out. She comes consigned to the agents of the New Zealand Shipping Co.


IMMIGRANTS — The following is a complete list of assisted emigrants on board:—



Fred and Charlotte Arnold and 1 child,

Frank and Elizabeth Anquehl and 3 children,

John and Anderina Brown,

George and Rose Bongen,

George and Mary Ann Church, Carpenter, Middlesex. Schoolmaster for voyage

James and Anne Coughlan and 3 children,

Haylett and Mary A. Dawes and 2 children,

Samuel and Maria Edwards and 1 child,

George and Ann Flook and 2 children,

Alfred and Sarah Finch and 2 children,

Thomas and Agnes Fyfe and 6 children, Gl Labourer, Lanark, (If anybody has this family in their tree, would they please make contact – Gavin W Petrie)

Robert and Martha J. Henry and 5 children,

John and Elizabeth Howe and 1 child,

Richard and Mary Hall and 2 children,

Peter and Elizabeth Harris and 6 children,

John and Elizabeth Kurnoe and 2 children,

William and Bridget Morris and 3 children,

William and Mary J. Mutton and 1 child,

Arthur and Agnes J. Neil and 1 child,

Henry and Selina Morris and 2 children,

James and Elizabeth King,

William and Maria North and 6 children,

Stephen and Mary Rowe,

Henry and Mary Prout and 1 child,

Samuel and Mary Pearce and 1 child,

William and Sarah Packhill and 3 children,

Edward and Mary Ann Queree and 4 children,

Henry and Jane Smetherham and 3 children,

Hugh and Mary S. Smith and 1 child,

James and Jane W. Simpson and 2 children,

Francis and Sarah Storey,

Daniel and Elizabeth Smith,

John and Ann Tamelyn,

Edward and Leonora Truscott,

William and Mary Trumfield and 1 child,

Thomas and Anne Wallam and 2 children,

James and Margaret Want and 2 children,

Roger and Mary Corbett and 8 children,

Arthur J. and Eliza K. Coleman and 2 children,

William and Sarah Clarke,

William and Lucy Cook,

James and Alice Corbett,

Martin and Kate Dowling and 2 children,

Robert and Rachael Forsham and 3 children,

Patrick and Margaret Keleher and 3 children,

Joseph and Emma Smith, and 5 children,

Richard and Catherine Rye,

Jonathan and Rebecca Smith and 4 children,

Thomas and Mary Vine and 2 children,

John and Jane Wakefield and 4 children,

Alfred and Susan Watts and 3 children,

William and Mary Dean,

John and Ann Healey,

William and Agnes Cochrane and 4 children,

William and Sophia Oliver and 2 children,

Thomas H. and Mary J. Addicoat and 3 children,

Edward and Bridget Dillon and 3 children.


Single Men

Henry Harris,

Angus Morris,

Ernest Le Pelley,

Arthur J. North,

Edward and John Queree,

William, Francis, and Richard Storey,

Wil­liam, Edmond, and Patrick Keleher,

Alfred and Arthur Smith,

Garibaldi Smith,

Thomas W. Watts,

John and George Norman,

William Alford,

John and Thomas Ash,

Edward Bisson, Carpenter, Jersey

G. Bell, Miner, Northumberland

Edward Betts,

Alexander BullocK,

Samuel and Francis Church,

George Cole,

Laurence and Patrick Cody,

Patrick Corcoran,

George A. Cumming,

Fred. Collas,

James Davies,

Michael Daley, Stone Cutter, Wicklow

Bob Evans,

David Foster,

James Fraser,

By. Friend,

Jos. Giles,

John Gillison,

Samuel Graham,

George Gardner,

Daniel Gurney,

Matthew Hoare,

Daniel Hughes,

Patrick Grealy,

William Hewet,

William Howard,

Robert Hosking,

Richard L Ilett,

James Ingram,

Thomas Irwin,

Robert Johnstone,

Paul Kingston,

Patrick Ross,

Thomas J. Le Cros,

William Lawless,

George Mutton,

John G Mitchell,

James McGimpsey,

Robert Palmer,

John Preston,

John Perryman,

John Phillipps,

Geo. Rideout,

Ed. Robinson,

John Small,

H. William Stoop,

Samuel Sweetman,

Robert W. Strong,

Henry Thomas,

W. Wright,

John Wilson,

John Wells,

Thomas Wallace,

Thomas Walton,

William Grace,

Robert Campbell,

William C. Angus,

Hugh Muckle,

John Gready,

Henry Goldberg,

Philip Woonton,

Arthur Reeman,

Louis You,

John McMahon,

Michael O'Sullivan,

William Gammon,

William Cochrane,

William Behan,

Thomas Prendergast.


Single Women

Ann, Emily and Louisa Flook,

Bessie, Mary and Ann Harris,

Ellen J. Henry,

Selina Morris,

Margaret and Agnes Parkhill,

Mary Ann and Louisa Queree,

Sarah Storey,

Mary Keleher,

Selina, Eveline, and Hannah Smith,

Jane Wakefield,

Alice Ashby,

Eliza Jane and Sarah Ash,

Ellen Banks,

Mary Brown,

Harriet and Eliza Cook,

Maria Fletcher,

Irene Fauhefrill,

Martha and Jane Faulkner,

Ann Gilpin,

Catherine Henry,

Martha M., Alice M., and Edith Knight,

Elizabeth Martin,

Anne McCoy,

Sarah Ross,

Jane Sansome,

Charlotte Stoyles,

Sarah, Emma M., and Ellen Thunder,

Sophia Walker,

Elizabeth Woonton,

Elizabeth Jane Moore,

Elizabeth M. Hunter,

Ann Mallow,

Sarah Corcoran,

Maggie Johnstone,

Honor Kealahan,

Elizabeth and Isabella Cochrane,

Margaret Prendergast,

Hannah Daykin.


Summary - 151 male adults, 112 female adults, 41 male children, 54 female children, 17 infants: total, 375 souls, equal to 310˝ - statute adults


Nationality - English, 201; Irish, 103; Scotch, 40 Channel Islanders, 27; Welsh, 3; French, 1. Total, 375 souls.


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