The ELORA departed London on 12 October, 1847 and arrived in Wellington, via New Plymouth and Nelson, on 19 February, 1847. Captain Turnbull was in command.


Transcribed from the Wellington Independent, 20 February 1847, Page 2


ARRIVALS. February 19, barque Elora, 333 tons, Turnbull, from London via New Plymouth and Nelson. Passengers Mr. and Mrs. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Whitlaw, Mr. Bromley, Mr. and Mrs. Newman, Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Miss Newman, Miss Forsaith, Mr. Clark, Mr. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Ellway, Mr. McDonald, Mr. Otterson, Mr. and Mrs. Aikin and child, Mr. and Mrs. Warburton and three children, Mr. Dupps, Mrs. Patten, Mr. Lowrie, Mr. Jefferson.



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