The FRENGLEM departed London on 3 January, 1875 and arrived in Auckland on 29 April, 1875, with Captain Walter Fraser in command. This was the maiden voyage of the FERNGLEN.


Transcribed from the Daily Southern Cross, 30 April 1875, Page 2


ARRIVALS. Fernglen, ship, 818 tons, Holmes, from London.

Passengers Miss H. M. Collett, Miss H. Bankam, Mrs. Goertz, Miss H. Goertz, Miss M. Goertz, Mrs Betram, Mrs. Fox and infant; Messrs. W. A. Nelson. R. T. Bankam, A. H. Lyon, Masters C Goertz, H. Goertz, Herbert Goertz.

Steerage - F. Briarley, J. C. Hoyer, C. Cawley, Eliza Legg, M. A. Legg, Edith Legg. New Zealand Shipping Company, agents.


ARRIVAL OF THE FERNGLEN. The N.Z. Shipping Company's new ship Fernglen arrived in harbour yesterday morning, at 8 a.m., from London, after a passage of 110 days. She is commanded by Captain Fraser, late of the barque Ferndale. The Fernglen is a fine iron vessel, and was built by the firm of John Blumer and Co., of Sunderland. The immigrants arrive in charge of Dr. Fox, who was formerly a resident of the Thames, of whom the passengers speak very highly, for his care and attention during the voyage. The following is the report of her passage, kindly supplied to us by Captain Fraser: Left Gravesend on the 3rd January, and were towed out by the steam-tug to Dungeness. The Channel pilot left the vessel at Start Point. Passed the Lizard on the 8th; and from then to the 21st had nothing but strong W, and S.W. gales, with heavy seas, the ship rolling greatly. On January 26, sighted the Island of Madeira; on February 1, fell in with the N.E. trades in lat. 2010 N. by 2530 W. long. The trades were easterly, and very light; lost them again in lat. 3 N., long. 2020 W. Crossed the Equator on February 10, in 2630 W. Got S.E. trades in lat. 2 S., 2730 W. long. The S.E. trades were very light and variable, the ship scarcely going even more than five miles an hour. The S.E. trades were lost in lat. 1610 S. by 3520 W. long. On February 15, in lat. 810 S., long. 3420, experienced a furious squall which carried away the jibboon, caused by the breaking of the martingale stay chains. February 19, rigged new boom from spare spars. From the time of losing the trades, until arriving at the Meridian of Greenwich, had very light northerly and N.E. winds. Passed the Meridian of Greenwich on March 10th in lat. 4520 S. Passed the Meridian of the Cape on March 14th, lat. 48 S. 15th, passed a small iceberg. From the 15th to the 19th saw ice each day. Ran down the easting in 49deg. S. Had moderate breezes to the Meridian of Tasmania, which was passed on the 7th inst, after a run of 24 days from the Cape. From thence had light N. and N.E. winds, with a great deal of thick weather. Sighted the Three Kings on April 22nd, after a passage of 103 days from the Lizard. Had light easterly winds down the coast. On the 22nd sighted the Baron Aberdare off the Three Kings. She was steeling S.W.

The following deaths occurred during the voyage: January 9: R. Livingstone, of bronchitis, aged 1 year. January 12: H. Co?lan of bronchitis, aged 3 months. January 18: H. S. Glazebrook, of bronchitis, and phenomonia, aged 17 years. January 21st: Annie Stone, of whooping cough, aged 7 months. January 23: W. J. Beasy, of whooping cough, aged 7 months. January 26: Ellen Rowe, of whooping cough, aged 13 months.

The following testimonials were presented to the captain and doctor by the emigrants.

To the Captain: " We the emigrants on board desire before going ashore to mark oor respect for you for the kind and courteous manner in which you have acted towards us during the voyage from London to Auckland, and sincerely hope you may be long spared to command many such good sea-going ships as the Fernglen, and that when you weigh anchor for your last voyage in this life, your passage may be a smooth one until your arrival in the port of Eternal Rest." [Here follow the signatures of the passengers.]

To the Doctor: "The emigrants of the Fernglen beg to offer their grateful thanks to Dr. Fox for his unvarying kindness and attention to them during their voyage from London to Auckland." [Here follow the signatures]

Mr. Ellis and Dr. Goldsbro' boarded the vessel during the morning, and after a careful examination of the immigrants, a clean bill of health was given. The passenger were landed shortly after one o'clock and conveyed to the Barracks.

The following are the names of the immigrants on board the Fernglen:


Binsley: Alfred 27, Maria 27, Eliza 2, William 1;

Cox: Edward 34, Sarah 30, Edward 9, Frederick 8;

Casby: John 25, Mary 21;

Carty: William 27, Mary 24, Patrick 1;

Cawley: James 40, Margaret 35, Sarah 4, Anne 1;

Davis: Francis 23, Elizabeth 22;

Downe: Peter 23, Margaret 21, James 1;

English: Wm. 35, Anna 29, Marian 11, Alfred 9, Gertrude 4, Emma 2, Maggie 1;

Hamilton: James 28, Mary 25;

Irvine: F. 21, Jane 21;

Livingstone: James 30, Mary 20, Robert 1;

Lignez: John 38, Mary 25, Mary 11;

Long: William 35, Mary 35, Daniel 13, Hannah 12, Keziah 6, Mary 5, Lara 1;

Mack: James 30, Elizabeth 29, Elizabeth 6, James 4, Peter 3, George 1;

McKee: William, 33, Mary 36, Samuel 21;

McLeish : William 39, Margaret 34, William 14, Margaret 12;

Prior: Peter 31, Marian 30, William 3

Oliver: Joseph 39, Mary 37, Joseph 19, Elizabeth 14, William 9, Mary 3, Thomas 1;

Richards: Joseph 32, Maria 32;

Rowe: Richard 44, Mary 38, John 18, Robert 17, George 15, Richard 14, Caroline 11, Mary 10, Annie 10, Ellen 1;

Ruest: Alfred 32, Clarissa 34;

Stevens: Henry 23, Emily 21;

Scott: Edward 29, Rebecca 24;

Stone: Frederick 31, Mary 33, Mary 10, Robert 8, John 6, Lucy 2, Annie 1;

Townhend: William 35, Mary 36, Ann 10;

Wyllie: William 35, Catherine 38, Mary 15, Catherine 13, Edward 5, Anabella 2;

White: Henry 24, Jane 24, Louisa 2, Henry 1;

Coxhead: David 43, Emma 36, Elizabeth 20, Emily 12, William 10, Jessie 7, Frederick 3, Henry 1;

Deeming: James 39, Sarah 40, John 18, Charles 13, Arthur 11, James 7, Henry 1;

Jones: Richard 35, Hannah 29, William 1;

Johnson: John 37, Mary 38, Willis 7, Zilpha 5, Frank 2;

Glazebrook: James 36, Margaret 33, Harriet 6, Henry 1.



Carson, John 18;

Abbott, Robert 24, Thomas 20;

Atkin, George 23;

Blakely, Neill 25;

Carre, Alfred 23;

Chevallier, F. 33;

Caldwell, James 28;

McKeay, Samuel 20;

Dennison, Abraham 28;

Daisley, John 21, Robert 20;

Dayer, Alfred 26;

Fleming, Michael 35;

Hubble, Osborne21;

Mildenhall, John 25;

McKeown, M. 23;

Newbury, John 26;

Morgan, Thomas 24;

Quinn, Pat 24;

Rogers, Charles 20;

Ryan, John 21;

Stone, John 30;

Shea, Edward 26;

Scallon, Daniel 17;

Thompson, Bryan 20;

Turton, James 30;

Smith, James 20;

Alexander, Robert 20;

Burley, Charles 29;

Fidler, Charles 32;

Latimer, Daniel 26;

Livin(g)ston, John 20.



Allan, Ann 17;

Abbot, Jane, 27, Mary 22;

Derrick, Fanny 20;

Gray, Barbara 19;

Holland, Mary 22, Sarah 20;

Johnson, Isabella 29;

Livingston, Margaret 23, Lizzie 16;

Law, Laura 28, Mary 21;

Martin, Ann 29;

Scallen, Margaret 18;

Spiers, Annie 37, Mary 11, Ellen 9;

Whittle, Jane 22;

White, Mary 30;

Brun, Catherine 18;

Gardener, Margaret 25.




Farm Labourers, 8; Labourer, 1; Shepherd, 1; Gardener, 1; Mechanic, 1; Ploughman, 1; Carpenters, 4; Plasters, 1; Blacksmiths, 2; miners, 3; tailor, 1;


Farm labourers, 3; Labourer, 1; gardener, 1; tailor, 1; blacksmith, 1; Coach-builder, 1.


Farm labourers, 22; Labourers, 1; Porter, 1; Gardeners, 2; Millwright, 1; Bricklayer, 1; Butcher, 1; Shoemaker, 1; Carpenters, 7; Quarryman, 1; Sawyer, 1; Plasterers 2; Miner 1; Non moulder 1.

SINGLE WOMEN. Nursemaid, 1; Servants, 12; Cooks, 4; Housemaid 1; Housekeepers, 2; Dairymaid, 1.

NATIONALITY. - English, 91; Scotch, 27; Irish, 52; Welsh, 9; French, 6; Channel Islands, 2; total, 187.

Applications to engage the above must be made to the Depot master and matron, respectively, at the Immigration Depot, Auckland.


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