The GOTHIC departed London on 21 November 1900 and arrived in Wellington, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 6 January 1901. Captain William H Kidley was in command.




Transcribed from the Evening Post, Monday, 7 January 1901.





The Shaw Savill and Albion Co.'s steamer Gothic arrived yesterday afternoon from London via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart. The voyage was uneventful. She made the pas­sage from Hobart in the excellent time of 3 days 21¼ hours. Her cargo consists of 4900 tons of general merchandise chiefly for Wellington firms.


The following is her passenger list:—

For Wel­lington:

First class —

Misses - Goodson, McLaren (2), Pongiter (3), Sergeant, Stephens, Tyson,

Mesdames - Cobbett, Patterson, Levin, Pongiter, Dr McLaren, Captain Fraser,

Messrs - Fowler, Grove, Leech, Long, McLeod, Murray, Patterson, Palmer.

Second class —

Misses - Cato (2), Clothier, Guerney, Harvey, Jones, Mellor, Soper, Tate,

Mesdames - Cato, Mellor, Soper,

Messrs - Anderson, Cato, Chapman, Clausen, Gambrill, Green, Soper, Maylett,

Master Cato.

She has also 133 for other ports.


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