The GOTHIC departed London on 4 May 1904 and arrived in Wellington, via Plymouth, Capetown and Hobart, on 20 June 1904, with Captain William H Kidley in command.

Transcribed from the Evening Post, 15 June 1904, Page 6



The Shaw-Savill steamer Gothic, from London via Capetown and Hobart, which is due at Wellington on Sunday next, is bringing the following passengers for New Zealand ports:—

First saloon—

For Wellington:

Lord Plunket and valet, Lady Plunket and maid, Hon. Kathleen Plunket and maid, Hon. Helen Plunket, Hon. Eileen Plunket, Hon. Moira Plunket, Hon. Terence Plunket, Hon. Joyce Plunket, Hon. Brinsley Plunket,

Misses - Aird, Coggins, Kinsman, Rankin, Spicer, Williams, Woods,

Mesdames - Spicer, La Sage, Johnston,

Captains - Braithwaite, Johnston,

Messrs - Gover, Reid, La Sage,

Master - Johnston.

For Auckland:

Misses - Grave (2), Rowe (2),

Mrs. Rowe,

Messrs - Cayzer, Hallowell, Niven, Peck.

For Lyttelton:

Misses - Buller, Mathias,

Mrs. Mathias,

Rev. Mathias.

The vessel is also bringing about 105 third-class passengers, including the following for Wellington: —

Misses - Dwyer, Leah, Mackay (3), McKivett, Miller, Reddie,

Mesdames - Cox, Jones, Leah, Levy, Mackay, Moyes,

Messrs - Chance, Hartwell, Levy, Liddell, Logan, Mackay, Matheson, Morelock, Moyes (2), Nolan, Orsler, Sibun,

Masters - Moyes, (2), McKivett, Mackay (2), Levy (2)


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