The GOTHIC departed London on 30 July 1903 and arrived in Wellington via Capetown and Hobart, on 14 September 1903. Captain William H Kidley was in command.




Transcribed from the Evening Post, Tuesday, 15 September 1903.






The Shaw, Savill steamer Gothic arrived in the stream from London via Capetown and Hobart soon after midnight, and was berthed at 8.45 this morning. The Gothic left Royal Albert Docks, London, on 30th July, and proceeded down river to Gravesend, leaving there at 2.20 pm. She had a fine run down Channel, and arrived at Plymouth on 1st August. Having embarked remainder of passengers and mails she left at 8.15 pm, and with favourable weather arrived at Teneriffe on August 6th. Leaving again at 4.17 pm same day, the vessel fell in with moderate NE trades, and crossed equator in long 10 deg W, thence fresh SE trades were encountered with rising sea (which delayed the vessel considerably) until arrival at Capetown on 22nd August. Disembarked 82 passengers, she proceeded on the voyage, and fell in with strong westerly winds and rough seas, with dull rainy weather, most of the time until arrival at Hobart on 10th inst. Rigid quarantine was observed at this port, and all cargo was dis­charged into lighters by ship's crew. Any business done was transacted at foot of the gangway. The vessel left at 12.15 am on the 11th inst, and experienced dull weather and calm seas until arrival at Wellington 12.22 am this day.


The vessel brings the following first saloon pas­sengers for New Zealand:—

For Wellington —

Misses Bennett, Dixie, Tanner, Mesdames Brown and child, Tanner. Vaughan and three children, Lieut Symon, Messrs Bruce, Brown, Dering, Gully, Smith.

For Lyttelton —

Misses Burton, Gossett, Moorhouse, Mesdames Robinson, Tait, Mr. Hill.

For Auckland —

Misses Jones, Nisbit, Shaw.

For Port Chalmers —

Dr and Mrs. Williams,

For New Plymouth —

Messrs Slates, McKinnon, Bain.

For Timaru —

Miss Clements.

For Westport —

Mrs. Grant, Messrs Grant, Hopkinson, Riley, Staines, Master Grant.

For Bluff —

Misses Topp (2), Mesdames Murray, Topp, Messrs Glennie, Hansen, Murray, Topp.

For Gisborne —

Messrs Blyth, Pearse.


The passengers from Capetown are:—

For Wellington — Mrs. Shackleton, Messrs Johnston, Shackleton.

For Napier — Mr. Duff.

There are also about 121 third-class passengers for all ports.


Captain W. H. Kidley is in command of the vessel, and had with him:— Mr. Kidwell, chief officer; Mr. Freeman, first; Mr. Westerin, second; Mr. Oliver, third; Mr. Jackson, fourth; Dr Hines, surgeon; Mr. Inman, purser; Mr. Fraser, chief steward; Mr. Reid is first engineer; Mr. Campbell, second; Mr. Newton, third; Mr. Allison, fourth; Mr. Malcolm, fifth; Mr. Walker, sixth; Mr. McChlerie, first refrigerating engineer; Mr. Caldon, second; Mr. Hanlon, electrician.



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