The IONIC departed London on 29 April, 1909 and arrived at Wellington on 15 June, 1909, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Cape Town and Hobart. Captain E Crosby Roberts was in command.

Transcribed from Evening Post, Tuesday, 8 June 1909, Page 6.


On the 30th April (writes our London correspondent) the R.M.S. Ionic left London on her sixteenth voyage to New Zealand. Captain E. C. Roberts is in charge, and Dr. R. P. Nash is the medical officer on board. In the saloon there are 73 passengers, of whom the following have booked to Wellington:-  The Rev. A. H. Fowles, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Bourke, Mr. and Mrs. A. Adams, Mrs. J. T. Dempster and Miss Dempster, Mrs. S. McLachlan, Mrs. M. McLean and the Misses McLean (3), Mrs. A. E. Merrikin and Miss Merrikin, Mr. and Mrs. G. Parker and the Misses Parker (2). Mr. S. T. Orchard, Mr. G. Jodrell, Miss Reid. Auckland is the destination of Mr. H. W. J. Bagnell, Miss H. Luscombe, Mr. and Mrs. C. Mackie, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Brailsford and the Misses Brailsford (2), Mrs. A. Burrows and Mr. H. Burrows, Miss L. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Papps. Mr. W. J. Smail, Mr. J. W. Webster and the Misses Webster (2), Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Witham and Miss and Master Witham. The Lyttelton passengers are - Mrs. R. Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. W. Garnett, Mr. G. W. Leete, Mr. S. A. Morris, Mr. E. Overy, Miss G. E. Sallabank, Mr. R. Scott. Those who have booked to Napier are: Mrs G. M. Guthrie-Smith, Miss B. M. Guthrie-Smith, Miss J. McCall, Miss L. Zimmerman, Miss B. McCall, Mr. A. C. Mills. The following are going to Port Chalmers: Miss M. Ferguson, Mr A. S. Hipkin, Mr and Mrs. P. MacDonald and family (4), Mr. D. D. Strachan. Miss A. Wilson is going to Gisborne, and Miss O. Zlatano to Timaru.

The third-class passengers are as follow :-

For Wellington

Mesdames - L. Coopersmith, Gauntlett, Hennessy, A. Hood, Howick (2), Keery, M. McLauchlin, F. Neal, Riddington, S. Rowberry, Sainsbury, E. Shepherd, Sumner, Teale, Tickle, Misses - Bassett (2), F. Buckle, H. Carlson, L. Cummins, N. Davis, A. Fitzjohn, M. Harrington, Hennessy (6), Hood (2), Howick, C. Jamieson, G. Lissenden, F. Neal, M. Nelson, M Ramsay, Riddington (2), M. Russell, F. Sumner, Teale (2), M. Wallace. Messrs. - W. Adlam, M. Barry, D. Cameron, H. Coker, S. Coopersmith, F. Dixon, H. Ellis, W. Ellis, J. Gardiner. R. Gauntlett, E. Graham, H. Graham, J. Hayes, J. Hennessy, P. Hennessy, F. Humphreys, F. Ingham, P. James, J. Keery, W. Mackenzie, A. McCrory, O. Monberg. F. Okehurst, W. Osborne, G. Parker. A. Riddington, A. Sainsbury, L. Shepherd, C. Speed, H. Sumner, R. Taverner, J. Teale, J. Tickle. Masters - Coopersmith (2), Hood (3), Keery (2), McLaughlin, Sainsbury, Sumner.

For Auckland

Mesdames - Blackford, Cochrane, A. Deane, M. Findlay, J. Galbraith, Headley, Hill, Lusty, Murphy, M. Oakes, Patterson, Seddon, Stokes, Misses - E. Baillie, J. Cochrane, G. Deane, M. Drew, C. Entwistle, L. Fenton, Findlay (2), E. Headley, M. Oakes, L. Yarwood, Messrs. - G. Baker, G. Blackford, F. Bridger, R. Brinsley, W. Clark, G. Cochrane, J. Condie, R. de Courcy, J. Ford, M. Galbraith, C. Green, A. Hart. F. Headley, W. Hill, W. Ibberson, A. Inkster, P. Inkster, J. Innes, E. Isele, J. King. W. Lusty, W. Montgomery, M. Murphy, W. Mynott, D. Patterson, C. Pearce, A. Perry, A. Poulter, W. Purchase, A. Randall, C. Seddon, W. Stewart, J. Stokes, G. Taylor, H. Templeton E. Trotman, W. Walker, H. Whittaker, T. Wilson, C. Wren, S. Yarwood, Masters - Blackford, Cochrane, Findlay, Stokes.

For Lyttelton

Mesdames - B. Baker, Beaven, Black (2), Cook, Hadcroft, S. Horsfield, Howie, M. Nelson, E. Scuffell, Suggars, M. Thomas, E. Wainwright, Misses - Black (2), I. Brown, E. Carver, E. Coleman, A. Haigh, W. Horsfield, F. Ilbery, M. Nelson, B. Scuffell, Thomas (3), Messrs. - G. Beaven, W. Bishop, G. Black, R. Black, A. Carter, P. Clegg, A. Cook, B. Curry, J. Dalling, J. Garnett, H. Garnett, S. Grist. E. Hadcroft, J. Howie, J. McKay, J. Williams, Masters - Coleman, Scuffell, Nelson.

For Port Chalmers

Mesdames - Higgins, M. Maxwell, Misses - Maxwell (2), McLauchlin, W. Ralph, A. Ramsay, Messrs. - P. Dingwall, W. Geddes, R. Higgins, R. Sclater, J. Paul, Master - Maxwell.

There are in addition in the third-class 32 for Napier, 15 for Wanganui, 6 for Westport, 3 for the Bluff, 1 for Picton, 1 for Nelson, 12 for New Plymouth, 1 for Oamaru, 2 for Timaru, 5 for Gisborne, and 15 for Greymouth.

Transcribed from Evening Post, Wednesday, 16 June 1909, Page 6.

In addition she brought the following:-

From Capetown:


For Wellington:

Mrs. Thomson, Mr. Thomson

For Christchurch:

Mrs. Burnham, Mr. Burnham

For Greymouth:

Mr. R Barclay