The IONIC departed Plymouth on 16 January 1904 and arrived in Wellington via Capetown and Hobart, on 2 March 1904. Captain J B Ranson was in command.

Transcribed from the Evening Post, Wednesday, 24 February 1904. Page 6.



The Shaw-Savill steamer Ionic which left Ply­mouth on 16th January for Wellington, via Capetown and Hobart, carries the following saloon passengers:-

Misses Moreland, Fortesque, Mappin, Buckland, Hobson(2), Korn, Mandl, Cottrell, Dougal, French, Kinneburgh, Logan, Niccol, Scales, Pulling, Ward, Mesdames Fortesque, Barrow, Bright, Hitchen, Hutcheson, Kelman, Muppin, Mayor and two sons, Pontifex and son, Sinclair, Smith, Stuart, Webber, Buckland, Hobson, Keen, Mandl, McKenzie, and son, Wood and family, Colonel Fortesque, Rev Moreland, Dr P?et, Messrs Angus, Beercroft, Entwistle, Guild, Hall, Hornby, Mechan, Mandl, Moir-Byres, Musson, Robertson, Ryan, Slimmon, Sonndy, Woollaston, Barrow, Bright, Hitchen, Hutcheson, Kelman, Mappin, Mayor, Pontifex, Sinclair(2), Smith, Stuart, Webber. The vessel also carries 150 third-class passengers. Captain Ranson is in command, and Dr. A. G. Pitts is  medical officer.


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