The MAMARI departed Liverpool on 30 June, 1906 and arrived in Wellington, via Capetown and Hobart, on 13 August, 1906, with Captain Thos. Moffatt in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, 2 August 1906, Page 4



The Shaw-Savill liner Mamari, due from London about the 14th inst., is bringing 200 passengers for New Zealand ports, including the following booked for Wellington:-

Misses - Comyne, Dowker (2), E. English, Hannan, Joy (2), Millar, H. Parratt, D. Riddell, Ruegg (2), Trott,

Mesdames - Ashbridge, Bodell, Comyns, Dowker, Falconer, Nelson, Ogg, R. Parker, Parratt, C. Pringle, Riddell, Ruegg, Tenton,

Messrs - M. Biggs, G. Bodell, W. Bodell, G. H. Brassington, H. Burdett, E. Casey, J. Coleman, R. Dowker, Dowker (2), R. Ennion, D. Falconer, J. Falconer, J. Gill, J. Hannafin, E. Hannan, M. Hannan, R. Heinitz, M. Kearney, R. Kemp, L. Lord, T. Miller, F. Nelson, H. Neilson, T. O'Connor, C. Ogg, G. Ogg, N. Ogg, A. Parratt, R. Pegg, H. Peshett, R. Riddell, M. Rosenberg, A. Ruegg, A. Stirling, A. Tenton, J. Todd, W. Trott,

Masters - Ashbridge (3), Bodell, J. Ogg, A. Parker, and Trott.


* * * * * * * * *


Transcribed from the Auckland Star, 13 August 1906, Page 4


The s.s. Mamari arrived at Wellington early this morning from Liverpool (June 30), via Capetown and Hobart, with the following passengers for Auckland:


Mr. J. H. Barrett, Mrs. Barrett and family,

Mr. and Mrs. Bathgate and son,

Mr. J. Bartlett, wife, and daughters,

Mr. and Mrs. Bee,

Mr. R. Berry,

Mr. Boon,

Mr. W. Burgess,

Miss Cheadle,

Messrs Closey (3),

Mr. Coomber, wife, and family,

Mrs. E. Davis and family,

Miss Dipper,

Mr. and Mrs. Ewerson and family,

Mr. Gamble,

Mrs. Hallafield,

Mr. Hawkins, wife, and daughter,

Mr. G. Hill, wife, and son,

Mr. and Mrs. A. Humphreys,

Mrs. Hutchinson and family,

Dr. H. Kingston,

Mrs. L. Langley,

Mrs. Lansdown and sons (2),

Mr. W. Lyons,

Mr. W. McCulloch,

Mrs. I. McCullough and family,

Mr. Maston,

Mr. G. Philpott,

Mr. and Mrs. Rayner,

Mr. J. Ryan, wife, and son,

Mr. Seymer,

Mr. Thwaites.


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