Sailed from Liverpool on 27 July, 1913 and arrived in Auckland on 2 October, 1913, with Captain Howard in command. The ship left Queens Wharf, Auckland, for Wellington, at 1.05 pm on 7 October, 1913 and arrived in Wellington on 11 October, 1913.

All this information on the SS MORAYSHIRE, has been kindly supplied by Pam Salter, who's grandfather, Pryce MORRIS and his wife Mary, where passengers on this voyage. If anybody has ancestors on this voyage, Pam is keen to hear from you.

These hand written reports of the arrival of the MORAYSHIRE into Hobart, were copied from the newspapers by Mr Pryce MORRIS. The images below were taken from his shipboard diary.


From "Daily Post" Hobart Sept 24/1913


The arrival of the Shire Line Morayshire 5881 tons with Captain H.C. Howard in command, from Liverpool yesterday afternoon put an end to a considerable amount of anxiety which has been caused owing to the fact that the vessel was 10 days overdue. The "Morayshire" left Liverpool on July 27 with 4 first-class & 50 Third Class passengers and a general cargo for Auckland, Lyttelton, Dunedin & Wellington. After spending 3 days at Las Palmas, the passage to Capetown was started but the vessel was destined to pass through a rather exciting time before reaching it's destination. The engines gave considerable trouble, & this in addition to the inferior coal in use, delayed the steamer. Calling at Capetown occupied 3 days & then the run down to Tasmania was entered upon.

When about 3 weeks out from Hobart terrific gales were encountered, at times mountainous seas swept the deck placing all on board in peril of their lives. For nearly a week the storm continued with unabated fury, but the steamer battled on. No sooner had this danger been left behind than it was discovered that the provisions had diminished to an alarming extent & the passengers & crew had to be fed mainly on biscuits. The vessel had a very hungry complement on board when she steamed up the river Derwent yesterday afternoon, & immediately on arrival, arrangements were made for a supply of provisions to be sent aboard.

Captain Howard stated that he had not dined since 7'oc yesterday morning & all the passengers & crew seemed greatly relieved when the fresh supply of eatables was safely landed on the vessel. The "Morayshire" is expected to sail for NZ at 10'oc this morning. Messrs H Jones & Co are the local agents.

From "The Mercury" Wed Sept 24/1913 Hobart

The Federal Shire steamer "Morayshire"arrived at Hobart at 5pm yesterday from Liverpool via Capetown. She left Liverpool on July 26 (after embarking 54 passengers) & arrived at Las Palmas on August 3rd. Coal was bunkered at the latter port, the vessel took her departure for Hobart the same day, but owing to her engines breaking down, had to put into Capetown, arriving there on August 24th. She had repairs effected to her engines & took on 200 tons of coal & ship's stores, left on August 27 in continuation of her voyage to Hobart.

When half the voyage had been accomplished, a severe south-westerly gale sprang up & the vessel shipped some heavy seas which flooded the alleyways & washed the butcher who was working in his shop out into the alleyway. He however sustained no injury. Apart from the events above mentioned, nothing further happened although the voyage throughout was a very long one. The "Morayshire" requires 450 tons of bunker coal. She is expected to leave here at 10'oc this morning for Auckland. There were no passengers on board for Hobart & none joining the vessel here.


LIST of PASSENGERS written down by Pryce.

Family name, number in family, *?From,  Destination

Scotlands  3  S  Auckland

Dennis  3  E  Paeroa
?Mullings  2  I  Oamaru
Alfrey  2  R  Dunedin
Redmond  2  E  Auckland
Wood  3  E  Wellington
Field  1  E  Auckland
Hall  1  E  Auckland
?Messeys  7  E  Lyttelton
McMillan  1  S  Auckland
Morris  2  E  Wellington
Potts  2  R  Stratford
Morrison  1  S  Lyttelton
Nunn  1  R
McLachlan  1  S  Auckland
Collings  1  S  Auckland
Sullivan  1  I  Invercargill
Stephenson  1  E  Auckland
Bowman  3  S  Auckland
Welsh  3  S  Invercargill
King  2  E  Wellington
Webster  1  E Lyttelton, Whangarei
Alf Jackson 1  E  Lyttelton, Wellington
Bert Ball  1  S
Wakeling  1  R  Auckland
Smith  1  R  Wellington
Dynes 1  R  Auckland
Dunlop  1  R  Gisborne

It seems that the
letters I, S & E stand for Ireland, Scotland & England, but what does 'R' mean?

Images from shipboard diary

morayshire 1913

morayshire 1913
morayshire 1913

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