The PAPANUI departed London on 25 March, 1903 and arrived in Wellington, via Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 16 May, 1903. Captain Weston was in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, 16 May 1903, Page 4



The New Zealand Shipping Company's steamer Papanui arrived early this morning from London,, Capetown, and Hobart. She left Plymouth on the 28th, and met fine weather generally throughout. Teneriffe was reached on 3rd April, Capetown on the 20th, and Hobart on the 11th May. Captain Weston is still in charge, and the deck officers with him are:- Chief, Mr. A. H Vi??, (formerly of the Waimate); second, Mr. A. W. Hunt; third, Mr. R. R. Noale; fourth, Mr. J. S. Boycott. The chief engineer is Mr. P. McKenzie, and the medical in officer is Dr. K. H. Coghlan. Following is a list of her passenger:- 

First saloon:

For Wellington - Mr Haughton

For Auckland - Misses Neligan (2), Burdett, Read, Mesdames Neligan, Fielding and infant, Laugton, Rev Dr Neligan, Messrs Hibbert, Neligan, Master Neligan

For Lyttelton - Mrs Murray Aynsley, Mr Murray Aynsley

Second saloon:

For Wellington - Miss O'Brien, Messrs Newton, Oliver, Small

For Auckland - Misses Eydon, Holt, Smith, Mesdames Duncanson, Harris, Messrs Duncanson, Gibson, Harris, O'Connor

For Wanganui - Messrs Atkins, Haig (2)

For Lyttelton - Misses Pascoe (3), Raphael, Trotter, Mrs Pascoe, Mr Pascoe

For Port Chalmers - Mr Gay

There are also 41 steerage passengers for all New Zealand ports.


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