The PAPAROA departed London on 15 September, 1900 and arrived in Wellington on 4 November, 1906.


Transcribed from the Auckland Star, 5 November 1900, Page 4




Wellington, November 4. - Arrived:Paparoa, s.s., from London, Capetown, and Hobart.

Passengers for Auckland - Mr and Mrs James Kennedy, Mr and Mrs B. C. Hall, Mesdames Porter, Richardson, Misses M. M. Hall, L. Hall, N. Gibbins, F. R. Pike, E. Richardson, E. M. Richardson, Captain J. B. Kennedy, Messrs H. Gaskell, J. A. Bedford, H. H. Cox, R. G. Hall, F. B. Hall, S. Hetherington, M Bouskill, T. Marshall, W. Marshall, A. Marshall, A. B. Rogers, L. Watson, Masters H. Porter. C. W. Richardson.


Transcribed from the Hawke's Bay Herald, Page 1

Passengers for Napier Mrs K Frawley, Mr J Hunley, Mr R Nagle.


Transcribed from the Otago Daily Times, 5 November 1900, Page 4

Passengers for Dunedin - Messrs D. Haynes, B. Renshaw, C. Robertson, H. McClymont, Mr and Mrs M. Master, Mr J. Master, Mr A. Master, Mr T. Master, Miss J. Master, Mr D. Miller, Miss M. Miller, Rev. J. Murray, Mrs Murray Miss K. Duff, Miss A. Hamilton, Mr C. A. Hepplethwaite.


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