The PAPAROA departed London 17 May, 1906 and arrived in Wellington, via Plymouth, Capetown and Hobart, on 7 July, 1906. Captain R C Clifford was in command.




Transcribed from the Evening Post, 7 July 1906, Page 6.





PAPAROA, FROM LONDON. The New Zealand Shipping Company's steamer Paparoa arrived in the stream at 10.40 this morning, and was berthed at No. 1 south. Queen’s Wharf, when passed by the Health and Customs officers. The vessel left London on the 17th May, and sailed from Plymouth on the 19th. Fine weather was encountered crossing the Bay of Biscay, and Teneriffe was made on the 24th May, The voyage for Capetown was resumed on the 25th, and fine weather was experienced until reaching the Cape on the 10th June. After a few hours stay the voyage was recommenced and wintry weather was soon encountered, bringing with it a good deal of snow and sleet. Off the Island of Kerguelen’s on the 19th June the barometer fell to 27.89, but no heavy winds were met with; the sea, how­ever, was very much confused with a high easterly and north-westerly swell. Nothing of note occurred from then until arrival on Tasman Heads, when a furious S.W. gale was encountered, with terrible squalls and very heavy sea. Hobart was reached on Monday, 2nd July. No ice was seen during the pas­sage. The vessel left Hobart for Wellington, it 8.10 p.m. on the 2nd, the run across the Tasman Sea being uninterrupted by anything unusual.


Captain R. C. Clifford is in command, and lie has the following officers with him:— Chief officer, Mr. N. E. Bower; second, Mr. F. B. Nicholson; third Mr. P. G. Hyde; fourth, Mr. R. Huntriss; fifth, Mr. A. Willis; surgeon. Dr. H. Chaffer. Mr. W. Brown is chief engineer, and he has the following staff — Second, Mr. H. E. Ridler; third, Mr. P. H. Wilson; fourth, Mr. B. A. Collinge; fifth, Mr. C. Thomson; chief refrigerating engineer, Mr. a. White; second Mr. R. Pattison, Mr. S. Wood is electrician, and Mr. T. S. Tripp, steward-in-charge.


The vessel brought the following passengers in addition to the list already published (see below):— From Capetown: Second saloon—For Welling­ton: Messrs. a. Lockyer. H. H. Miller. For Lyttelton: Miss A. Bennett, Mr. R. P. Foley. Third-class from Hobart—For Wellington: Messrs J. Anderson, H. McNicol, For Lyttelton: Mr. Westerman.








Transcribed from the Evening Post, 26 June 1906, Page 4



PAPAROA, FROM LONDON. The New Zealand Shipping Company's Steamer Paparoa, due from London via. Capetown and Hobart about the 7th July, is bringing the following passengers:—

First saloon—




E. Kennett

J. A. Sandall




W. Borthwick

P. Vaughan Neill

J. F. Silcock


Second saloon—




Buchanan (2)

E. Trodd

D. M. Tytheridge









T. Dalrymple

L. W. Gardner

C. Gill

J. E. Hanson

B. Matthews

J. Mayne

W. H. Montgomery

E. G. Panes

A. Pennington

R. P. Sedman

W. Williams






G. Llewellyn

N. M. McIntyre (2)

M. Hanson

McPhee (2)

Hilston (2)

E. Mudie



J. Howie







E. McIntyre


Hilston (4)






Ferris (2)

G. N. Laws

W. Thompson

D. Ledingham

E. M. Wallis





W. Scott

A. Hudspith

C. W. Sell

A. C. Hyde

F. Spencer


F. H. Reeves

W. H. Ellis

W. Howie

W. D. Robinson

L. Ettershank

A. Scott

C. Agar

H. Alexander

W. D. Fraser

E. Llewellyn

C. Awcock

W. George

C. McGillvray

J. Gilmour

F. H. Goodman

H. Baker

S. A. Balltard

J. Gray

E. Benjamin

T. Hibberjam

B. Bloomfield

R. Hamilton

T. W. Bloomfleld

B. McLaren Jun.

W. Boyes

J. Hargreaves

A. McPhee

L. W. Harris

C. Herbert


G. Brouse

P. Hilston

A. Burden

T. Hilston sen.

H. R. Lindthorn


W. T. Cairns

R. Mudie

G. M. Carter

M. Carter

J. Mumford

T. Hilston Jun

W. Newman

E. E. Coltard

T. Nicholson

H. Coote

A. Olliver

A. J. Cottle

F. Pitt

H. A. Pledger

F. Day

W. Hooper

J. Pound

E. Deamer

P. Horsman

R. H. Powell

G. Duffy

W. P. Horton






McIntyre (2)


H. Masters

Hilston (2)

Ettershank (2)




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