The RANGITIKEI departed Plymouth on 31 January, 1883 and arrived in Auckland on 16 May, 1883, with Captain Thos. Millman in command.


Transcribed from the New Zealand Herald, 17 May 1883, Page 4


Rangitikei, ship, 1183, Milman, from London.

Passengers :


Benjamin Bateson, wife and 3 children

James Chatman, wife and 2 children

John Cooper, wife, and 2 children

John Craig, wife, and 4 children

Robert Graham and wife

Matthew Hamilton, wife, and 2 children

Frederick Hemmingway and wife

Samuel Mead and wife

William M. Parkes, wife, and 4 children

James Patterson, wife, and 4 children

George Payne and wife

James Skillen and wife

Alexander Taylor and wife

Francis Trevelyan, wife, and 2 children

George Turley, wife, and 4 children

William Turley and wife

Joseph Woodhall and wife


Single men:

 R. B. Bridgman

George Clough

Henry James Cooper

James Courtney

Arthur and Wm. Crawford

James Crotty

Edward J. Fuller

Fredk. R. and Alfred Gadd

Peter Geraghty

John and Thomas Griffin

John R., Christopher, and George W. Heslop

Henry B. Kerr

Thomas L. and Frank Leech

William Leslie

Samuel and John W. Layland

Patrick and Thomas McManus

Walter L. Mead

Joseph W. Moore

James O'Donnell

Horby, John R., and E. Phillips

Harry Putland

Martin and Patrick Regan

John Tatton

William Turley

Edward and Joseph Woodall

Maurice Zien


Single women:

Louie Barnes

Hannah Bellingham

Emily Benn

Kathleen Bennett

Elizabeth Berry

Mary E. Blessley

Harriet Brown

Maud Burcham

Louisa Cowdroy

Jane A. Crawford

Mary Crotty

Caroline, Mabel J., and Horrneen Crute

Sarah Duff

Mary A. Elkington

Jane Fermback

Fanny Fordisck

Dorothy Fuller

Maria Canertuer

Mary E. Gill

Catherine Hayden

Annie Hayes

Annie Heath

Martha Hein

Bertha Henrick

Margaret Hogan

Mary Horne

Hannah A. Hughes

Margaret Hunter

Elizabeth Hyland

Mary Jackson

Mary and Kate O'Keefe

Elizabeth Leach

Margaret Leland

Mary A. Leyland

Eliza McGahan

Kate McIlvenoy

Mary A. McLaughlin

Bridget McManus

Ellen Mahoney

Annie, Rose E., and Sarah J. Smith

Elizabeth A. Sprint

Anna Stevin

Annie Sweeney

Mary Tansey

Ellen Tatton

Anna M. Taylor

Isabella Thompson

Susan E. Thornton

Annie Turley

Elizabeth Walker

Bridget and Annie Walsh

Frances and Hannah Welsh

Rosa, Elizabeth, Lydia, and Jane Woodhall

Annie Phillips

Margaret Gilligan

Susan and Caroline Goodwin

Emily Gossett

Elizabeth, Annie, and Maggie Graham

Louisa Gratrix

Honona Griffin

Adeline Grimshaw

Ellen Haines

Agnes Hamilton

Amy A. Harley

Keturah P. and Lucy Mead

Annie Monaghan

Bridget Mulligan

Annie Naylor

Ellen Paine

Sarah Perriment

Minnie Phillips

Charlotte Putland

Emily K. Reid

Mary Robinson

Ann Sandison

Ellen and Kate Sheehy

Jessie, Margaret, and Matilda Zien

Rebecca Mantle



Married: Male, 17; Female, 17;

Children: Male, 11; Female, 21;

Superintendents, 5

Single men, 34

Single women, 89



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