The RIMUTAKA departed London on 1 September, 1909 and arrived in Wellington, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 20 October, 1909, with Captain Smith in command.



Transcribed from the Evening Post, 14 October 1909, Page 6



As previously reported, the New Zealand Shipping Company's R.M.S. Rimutaka, which left Plymouth for Wellington on the 4th September, is now commanded by Captain Smith, late of theOpawa, Captain H. E. Greenstreet having remained in England to take command of the new liner Ruahine when she is ready to sail, about the end of November. Mr. Tonge is chief officer of the Rimutaka on her present voyage, Mr. Gordon Stables second, and Mr. Parris third.

Following is the list of saloon passengers travelling by the vessel Mr. and Mrs. Barclay, Mr. E. Bodle, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Douglas, Mr. and Miss Holmes, Mr. H. Hull, Mr. and Mrs. R. Huntriss, Mrs. F. D. McReddle and family, Mr. and Mrs. E. Milnes, Mr. C. Potts, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Stead, Mr. J. Wilkes, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Young, Mr. R. Allan. Mrs. K. Astill and son, Mrs. J. M. Bain, Mr F. Boocock, Miss A. D. Chambers, Mr. J. Clayton, Mr J. A. Coltart, Mrs. A. E. Georgeson, Mr. W. Goodwin, Miss F. Green, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Harrison, Mrs. F. Holmes, Rev. and Mrs. G. B. Inglis, Miss B. Jollie, Master B. Jollie, Mrs. M. D. Lachmore, Miss E. C. Little, Rev. J. B. McDonald, Miss McFadden, Mr. and Mrs. T. Perkins, Mr. G. K. Shaw, Miss Spear, Miss E. Spear, Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Stenhouse and sons, Mr. and Mrs. S. Thompson, Mr. J. Warden, Mr. and Mrs. D. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. H. Wyles. There are in addition 168 passengers in the third -class. The Rimutaka is expected to reach Hobart to-day, and is due at Wellington on Tuesday next.


Evening Post, 18 October 1909, Page 8


Cabled advice has been received by the local office of the New Zealand Shipping Company to the effect that the R.M.S. Rimutaka sailed from Hobart at 10 a.m. on Saturday for Wellington in continuation of her voyage from London and Capetown. The steamer is expected to arrive on Wednesday afternoon or evening. There are 25 saloon and 46 third-class passengers for Wellington, 13 saloon and 39 third-class for Lyttelton, 11 saloon and 43 third-class for Auckland, 7 saloon and 14 third-class for Dunedin, and 4 saloon and 27 third-class for other ports in New Zealand.


Evening Post, 20 October 1909, Page 8


Shortly after 3 p.m. to-day the R.M.S. Rimutaka came to an anchorage in the stream from London and Plymouth via Capetown and Hobart. After the medical inspection the steamer will berth at No. 1 south, Queen's Wharf. She brings 229 passengers for New Zealand— 22 first saloon, 39 second saloon, and 168 third-class.


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