The RIMUTAKA departed London on 28 October, 1908 and arrived in Wellington on 17 December, 1908, vis Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, with Captain Herbert Edward Greenstreet in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, Wednesday, 16 December 1908, Page 6




To-morrow morning the R.M S. Rimutaka, of the New Zealand Shipping Company's fleet, is due from London, via Capetown and Hobart. Passengers who embarked on the vessel in England are as follow:-

First saloon - Misses C. Bartlemen, E. Brown, E. H. and B. Grierson, Hawdon, E. Hazlett, M. and V. Lance, J. and E. Mowbray, Mesdames Clark and maid, E. Collie, Fisher, C. B. Grierson, Harrison-Jones, Hazlett, M. H. Lance, C. Moore, White, Messrs. - L. E. Clark, F. O. Fisher, J. F. B. Fisher, D. L. Grant, J. Harrison-Jones, J. Hazlett, J. Holliday, E. C. Holmes, H. H. Lusk, P. C. Rowe, C. White, Master L. E. Clark.

Second saloon - Misses R. M. Alderson, E. Beveridge, A. and J. Dunn, J. and H. Erwin, A. Hamilton, G. N. Mills, M. Morrison, A. Orchard, J. Reid, Swinburne (2), Mesdames Barrie, B. Beveridge, M. A. Chalker, Dunn, Erwin, J. Goldstein, Hoyle, P. J. McDonald, Marshall, M. Mills, D. Wilson, Parker, A. Read, M. J. Roberts, S. E. Robinson, M. Stephenson, Messrs. P. Barrie, E. E. Brook, C. A. Dunn, Rev. Dr. R. Erwin, Evers-Swindell (2), H. D. Galloway, E. and H. George, E. Glading, B. Goodman, F. Hoult, J. H. Hoyle, B. A. Hutchinson, J. Bowers-Jackson, J. Kelsall, A. J. Macdougall, Mills (5), R. Morrison, L. H. Owen, S. Parker, H. Robinson, R. Stephenson, A. M. Wadmore.

Third-class - Misses D. Aston, E. Bennet, E. P. Bentley, E. E. Brill, C. and O. Burr, J. Cameron, M. and L. Drury, N. Finnie, J. R. Ginn, J. Glazer, R. and R. Greenfield, L. Humphries, E. and D. Keen, M. King, F. McLean, J. Manson, J. Nissenbaum, L. Payne, S. and P. Plant, E. Redfern, H. Sayers, L. Trotter, T. and C. Watson, Wheeler (3), M. Williams, A. and K. Wilson, Mesdames J. Aldridge, S. Aston, K. Barry, Burr, J. Carnie, Carter, F. Cooper, M. Dickie, Edleston, L. Fernee, Finnie, A. Ginn, P. Glazer, Greenfield, M. Humphries. E. Keen, J. King, Luker, J. McLean, Manning, Maslen, Mitchell, M. Nissenbaum, H. Payne, Peart, E. Perkins, Robertson, L. Ross, Singh, Stapleton, M. Watson, Wheeler, J. Williams, Wilson, E. Beckett, Messrs. Allen (2), J. Andrews, G. Arthur, Ball (2), Bennet, C. Bennett, Boyle, Breeze, Brown (2), Bunce, Burr, D. Cameron, W. Carter, Cartner, Civil, W. Collins, F. Cook, C. Cooke, Cottrill, Dickson (2), Dobbie, Eagles, Edleston, M. Edwards, R. Evans, Finnie, A. Fitchett, A. Fortescue, W. Gardner, Gillott, Girven, Given, Greenfield (2), Le Grice, A. Hamilton, T. Hardy, C. Hartley, Hinton, P Hobbs, Hodgman, W. Johnstone, D. Jones, A. Kemp, King (4), R. Kirk, Larson, T. McCarthy, P. Maddocks, W. Manning, C. Martin, Maslen, Maynard, Merriman, Miles, Miller, Mitchell, Mulholland, Munro, Newcombe, Page, Peart, Penfold, Pollitt, Porter, Potter, Race, J. Richardson, Riddell, Roberts, J. Robertson, Sacks, Scrivener, Simpson (2), Singh, Stamp (2), Stapleton, Sutherland (2), Taylor, Terry, Thompson, Tipling, Todd, Tucker (2), Vaughan, Ward, Webster, Wheeler (3), Whyman, Williams, Wilson, Yardley, Masters Aldridge, Beckett, Bennet (2), Burr, Dickie, Fernee, Gunn, Greenfield (2), Humphries, Mitchell, Payne (2), Robertson, Wheeler (2), Williams.


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