The RUAHINE departed Gravesend on Friday, 15 April 1912 and arrived at Wellington, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart, on 2 May 1912. Captain Forbes was in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, 3 May 1912, Page 6



At about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon the R.M.S. Ruahine, from London and Plymouth, via way ports, arrived at Wellington. Mr. C. Searle, the purser, supplies the following account of the voyage: The Ruahine left the Royal Albert Docks at midday on Friday, 15th March, and after embarking passengers at Tilbury, proceeded the same day for Plymouth, which was reached on the following day, just before midnight. After embarking passengers and mails, the voyage was resumed, from Plymouth on Sunday, 17th March, at daybreak, the vessel running into a strong south-west gale with high seas, which moderated after passing Cape Finisterre, fine weather prevailing until arrival at Teneriffe on Friday, 22nd March. After a stay of six hours, Teneriffe was left at 11 a.m., and moderate light trade winds were experienced to arrival at Capetown on Good Friday. The vessel having left London short of coal, owing to the coal strike, the bunkers had to be replenished here; this occupied two days, it being impossible to get men owing to it being holiday time. Capetown was left on Sunday, 7th April, at 10.30 p.m., and very fine weather was experienced on the run across the Southern Ocean, until nearing Tasmania, when a heavy westerly gale was encountered. Hobart was reached at 3 a.m. on the 27th April, the vessel landing 127 passengers, and, after discharging 560 tons of cargo, left for New Zealand at 6.30 a.m. on Sunday, 28th April. A fresh squally southerly gale, with high seas, was experienced the greater part of the way across the Tasman Sea, the wind moderating a little as the New Zealand coast was approached. The usual sports, concerts, and dances were held throughout the voyage.

On the run between London and Plymouth the Ruahine encountered the Oceana, just settling down after her collision with the German barque Pisagua. Mention, of this is made in our local columns.

After discharging 4300 tons of general cargo at this port, the Ruahine leaves for Lyttelton, probably on Tuesday.

Captain Forbes is still in command, and with him are: Chief, Mr. J. H. Squires; second, Mr. E. W. J. Nurrey; third, Mr. T. T. Hodgkinson; fourth, Mr. C. B. Lamb; surgeon, Dr A. J. Grant; purser, Mr. C Searle; chief engineer, Mr. J. Scott; second. Mr. A. White; third, Mr. J. Barclay; fourth, Mr. S. W. Smyth; fifth, Mr. T. McKenzie; sixth, Mr. H. Munro; first refrigerating engineer, Mr. J. Bissett; second refrigerating engineer, Mr. W. J. Storm; electrician, Mr. L. Schaal.



May 2 Ruahine, s.s. (3.30 p.m.). 10,758 tons, Forbes, from London and Plymouth, via Teneriffe, Capetown, and Hobart.

Passengers for Wellington from London

First saloon:

Colonel H. Finn, C.B.,

Messrs H. Finn, J. D. Hoare

Second saloon:

Misses G. Fitzgerald. E. Laughton, M. Primmer

Mesdames Burton, J. Elphick, E. Gordon

Messrs T. C. Burton, E. Elphick, A. Harding, J. H. Primmer

Masters J. R., W., and T. Burton

Plymouth to Wellington

First saloon:

Major Percy Smith.

Capetown to Wellington

First saloon:

Messrs J. H. Allen and A. Spaethe

Second saloon:

Miss E. Gunthorpe

Mesdames Morran, Roberts, E. Everett, Gunthorpe

Messrs J. Gunthorpe, A. E. Morran

Masters E. A. Everett and R. Gunthorpe

Auckland from London

First saloon:

Miss E. Dudney

Second saloon:

Misses M. Craigie, Heron, E. Deane, A. Eadis, E. Wallis

Messrs A. Mclntyre, A. F. Shearman

Lyttelton from Plymouth

Second saloon:

Miss D. Jenkins, Mr. E. Mayes

Gisborne from London

First Saloon:

Mrs. E. Sainsbury

From Plymouth

Second saloon:

Mr. Featherstonbaigh

Port Chalmers from London

Second saloon:

Misses E. Winslow, E. Stabeliu, R. Benham,

Mrs. Winslow

Professor Benham

Messrs G. R. Walton, G. Winslow

Master E. Winslow

Bluff from London

Second saloon:

Mrs. J. Edmond

New Plymouth from London

Second saloon:

Miss H. Hoperaft, Mr F. Nops

Napier from London

Second saloon:

Misses M. Lush, E. Downer, Mrs. J. A. Lush

Greymouth from London

Second saloon:

Miss S. A. Price

Timaru from London

Second saloon:

Miss L. Roberts.


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