The TAHITI departed San Francisco on 30 December 1921 and arrived in Wellington, via Papeete and Rarotonga, on 21 January 1922. Captain A. M. Edwin was in command.


Transcribed from Evening Post, 21 January 1922, Page 6



The Union Company's steamer R.M.S. Tahiti arrived in the stream at Wellington at 5.45 o'clock this morning from San Francisco, via Papeete and Rarotonga, and berthed at half-past 10 o'clock at the Taranaki-street Wharf. The Tahiti left San Francisco on the 30th December, and experienced fine weather with light winds till arrival at Papeete on the 10th January. The voyage was continued from Papeete on the 11th January, and, after calling at Rarotonga on the 13th December, the vessel sailed for Wellington. Moderate, to fresh south winds, and a considerable sea were met with for the remainder of the trip. The following passengers arrived by: the vessel:

To Wellington

First saloon:

Misses - M. Skerrett, D. Rowe, E. Rowe, A. Gorrill, M. Lewis, I. Bishop, C. Gorrill, E. Little, M. Abbott, M. McCredy, P. Moir, M. Moir, H. Colburn

Mesdames - O'C. Power, N. Blackmore, E. Rowe, E. G. Crawford, A. Moir, R. Coit, Burnett and infant, P. E. Wilson, A. H. Blasscock, J. A. Park, A. Langdon, A. Abbott

Messrs - N. Blackmore, C. P. Skerrett, J. L. Wheeler, G. C. Merrill, F. R. Wheeler, A. Langdon, A. Moir, R. Coit, E. E. Papprill, E. Burnett, A. Christian, E. G. Crawford, G. W. Wingay, Revs. M. Mullineux, T. Gilbert, Aubry, Dr. D. Steven, Marquis and Marchioness Northampton, Count De Noailles.

Second Saloon:

Misses - E. Bertrand, Graham, M. Matthews

Mesdames - J. Vialoux, J. Watkinson, S. Ellison, and 2 children, D. O. Stuart and child, J. M. Templar

Messrs - R. Vialoux, J. Watkinson, G. G. Matson, G. Brandstater, J. Grindlay, C. Bland, D. A. Stuart, W. A. Taylor, H. Fisher, E. Ellison, C. Natser, P. Willott, L. Lloyd, F. R. Watford, S. A. Fowke, Rev. Falloon

Third class -

Misses - C. McGill, E. Hohner, C. Hohner

Mesdames - C. McGill and child,

Messrs - F. Bassett, T. Bevan, W. de Leun, J. Renfrey, C. Park, C. Parsons, L. E. Ward, C. May, E. Patterson, P. McBride, Hohner and 2 children, W. T. Maltby, C. Frielling


To Sydney - (through passengers)

First saloon:

Misses - A. Beatly, D. Greene, M. Oschwald, G. Musser, F. Musser

Mesdames - A. Sparks, S. Maclay, F. Atwater, J. Greene, J. Oschwald, M. McKeen

Messrs - A. C. Mears, O. Preston, T. M. Orr, A. Sparks, J. Greene, M. K. East, J. Oscheald, B. Poor, A. Donovan, M. Coggins, T. Sparks, T. Maclay, H. Lee Fox, F. Atwater, P. Ludington, Revs. J. Ryan, W. Armstrong

Second saloon:

Misses - A. M. Ayres

Mesdames - W. Robbins, J, Leonhard, I. Davis and child, N. Spearman

Messrs - G. Brown, W. Robbins, J. Leonhard, P. Browne, W. Wu, E. Larballister, H. Morsbury N. Spearman;

27 third-class.

The Tahiti is announced to leave Wellington at 5 p.m., on Tuesday next for Sydney.

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