The TAHITI departed Sydney 11 August 1922 and arrived in Wellington 15 August 1922, with Captain Aldwell in command.


Transcribed from Evening Post, 15 August 1922. Page 6.


The R.M.S. Tahiti arrived in the stream at Wellington at 6 a.m. to-day from Sydney, and berthed about half-past 9 o'clock this morning at the Queen's Wharf. The Tahiti left Sydney last Friday, and experienced fine weather on the voyage across.


She brought the following passengers:-

For Wellington:

First saloon:

Miss C. Richards

Mesdames -

H. Biss, Bowater, C. Calburn, L. A. Richards, F. A. King, J. R. London

Messrs - A. M. Cunningham, E. F. Boult, W. Howson, N. Woods, L. Lister, Captain Bowater. H. V. Prentice, J. Giles, C. C. Higginson, C. Birch, T. J. Confoy, Dr. J. H. Bennett, F. W. K. Bunning, G. Rosebaum, P. B. Sheather, E. L. Hook, A. G. Scott, J. Wairoa, MacCormack, F. A. King.

Second saloon:

Misses - A. B. Houch, R. Rudolph, B. Northey,

Mesdames - L Tiltman, Stockdale, G. J. Bertinshaw, A. Moseley,

Messrs - J. W. Stockdale, Brother B. Kelly, G. J. Bertinshaw, D. Benjamin;

12 third-class.


For San Francisco and Papeete:

First Saloon:

Misses - M. Smith, D. Renwick,

Mesdames - A. Welch, D. H. Lawrence, A. Wil­cox, R. D. Robinson

Messrs - D. L. Thomson, J. A. Trower, Captain Wright,- W. H. E. Judd, R. Wilhelm, J. W. Wright, H. Renwick, C. F. Cobb, S. Norton, A. Welch, D. H.  Lawrence, W. Crowie, A. C. Wilcox, A. Even.

Second saloon:

Misses - C. Williams, Munro, D. M. Doyle, L. E. Wood, MacLean, M. Dominquez,

Mesdames - R. L. Melville, M. E. Lowe, Gaxott, Begole, M. Drinkwater, J. Walford, Munro and 4 children, G. Harris, O'Brien and boy, McDonagh, E. S. MacLean, A. J. Bristol, H. E. Dorsett,

Messrs - H. Moseley, A. Gaxott, Captain Begole, Wm. Thompson, J. Hantkappe, B. Abrahmsen, A. Bristol, H. Dorsett; - 15 third class.


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