The TONGARIRO departed London on 5 January 1909 and arrived in Wellington, via Plymouth, on 21 February 1909, with Captain J. A. Sutcliffe in command.



Transcribed from Evening Post, 19 February 1909. Page 6.




It will be remembered that the New Zealand Shipping Company's steamer Tongariro was damaged in the English Channel by col­lision with a Liverpool cargo steamer, and had to return to London. Her steerage passengers on arriving back at London, tran­shipped to the Whakatane, which vessel ar­rived at Dunedin on the 25th January. Some of her saloon passengers came on to New Zealand in the Ionic, which arrived a week or two ago. The rest of them remained in London until repairs were affected, and the following is the list:—


Mesdames –

Neligan and maid,

M. Harris

M. Holmes


E. S. Kempton


G. Maloney



Misses –

H. Johnson

M. Mirams

E. Neligan and nurse

L. E. Westmacott

M. R. Willis

C. Gedge

B. Harris



E. M. Kempton

M. I. Kempton

N. Klamborowski


E. Montgomery

E. H. Robinson

W. Southey-Baker

A. Stirling

B. Stirling

M. L. Wilton


Right Rev. Dr. Neligan

Captain H. Rose

Revs. E. Chambers, G. C. Cruickshank, F. G. Harvie, C. W. Howard, C. Mortimer-Jones,


Messrs –

H. V. Cholmeley

J. G. Rose

J. T. Boys

H. J. Clayton

A. Coxon

G. H. Curie

S. Gardner

T. A. Glendenning

W. H. Hunt

J. Lamont

H. Lane

G. Mallows

G. S. Morse

C. Moss

C. A. R. Murray

A. C. Pitman

R. W. Pitman

D. A. Pitt

W. Pinham

W. Ritchie

A. Silk

G. F. Smith

G. T. Stew­art

A. Taylor


Masters Neligan (2)



A cable from Hobart advises that the To­ngariro left for Wellington at 6 a.m. on Wednesday with the following passengers:— For Wellington: 13 saloon and 36 steerage. For Lyttelton: 8 saloon. For Auckland: 29 saloon. For Dunedin: 5 saloon. For other places: 10 saloon; total, 63 saloon and 36 steerage.


The Tongariro should put in an appearance on Sunday morning.



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