The WAIWERA departed London on 4 April, 1907 and arrived in Wellington on 25 May, 1907, with Captain R D Lowden in command.


Transcribed from the Evening Post, 11 May 1907, Page 4



The Shaw-Savill Steamer, Waiwera, due from London, Capetown, and Hobart, about the 24th Inst., is bringing 68 passengers from London as follows:-

For Wellington - Misses J. McKie, M. Ryan, E. Taylor, Mrs. J. M. Moult, Messrs. R. Cameron, W. Elliott, C. Hansen, J. Jensen, G. Smith, G. Willey.

For Auckland - Misses Needham (4), Reynolds, Rivers, Mesdames Reynolds, Wells, Heron, Needham, Messrs Needham (5), Carlee, Heron, Purchas, Redpath, Smart, Turner, Master Needham.

For New Plymouth - Messrs. Chard (2).

For Lyttelton - Misses Fleming, Grainger, Mesdames Aitcheson, Grainger, Messrs Aitcheson, Grainger, Harrison, Moore, Munslow, Master Granger.

For Timaru - Mr. Anthony.

For Oamaru - Misses Godsall, McKee, Mr. and Mrs. McKee.

For Port Chalmers - Misses Clayden, Hutton, Mesdames Clayden, Hutton, Ombler, Messrs Ombler (3), Hutton, Brown, Barnes.

For Bluff - Mr. B. Fraser.

For Napier - Miss and Mrs. Hosking, Messrs Hosking (2).

For Greymouth - Mr. McKinty.



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