The William Watson departed Gravesend on 24 August 1857 and arrived in New Plymouth

on 29 December 1857. After discharge the ship proceeded to Auckland. Captain William Brown was in command.


Transcribed from the Taranaki Herald, 2 January 1858, Pg 2.



Miss Groube,


H. A. Urquhart,

A. V. Urquhart,

Arthur Urquhart,

Mr. P. C. George, Mrs George, Miss George, Miss J. George, Master J. E. George, Miss S. A. George, Master J. O. George, Miss Elizabeth George,

Mr. J. W. Brown,

Mr. P. Martin, Mrs Martin, Master P. W. Martin, Miss Laura Martin, Edward Martin and wife, Sarah Martin,

Henry Wallis,

Mr. E. Burgess, Mrs Burgess

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