Between 1835 and 1867

Port of Nelson

Ship Port Dep Sailed Port Arr Arrived Days Captain Notes Passenger Lists Other Details
Will Watch Gravesend 27-Apr-1841 Nelson 04-Nov-1841 . Walker . Go to URL
Whitby Gravesend 27-Apr-1841 Nelson 04-Nov-1841 . William Lacey via Wellington. Scroll down to see passenger list. Go to URL Go to URL
Arrow Gravesend 21-May-1841 Nelson 04-Nov-1841 . Geare .

Fifeshire London 26-Sep-1841 Nelson 01-Feb-1842 . H Arnold First ship to arrive at the new settlement. Was wrecked leaving harbour. Go to URL Go to URL
Mary Ann Deal 24-Sep-1841 Nelson 08-Feb-1842 . Thomas Bolton Founding ship Go to URL Go to URL
Brougham Gravesend 02-Oct-1841 Nelson 09-Feb-1842 . John Robertson Proceeded to New Plymouth Go to URL Go to URL
Lloyds London 11-Sep-1841 Nelson 10-Feb-1842 . William Green First brig to leave for new settlement Go to URL Go to URL
Lord Auckland Gravesend 21-Sep-1841 Nelson 27-Feb-1842 137 Jardine Founding ship with 171 passengers Go to URL Go to URL
Bolton Gravesend 29-Oct-1841 Nelson 15-Mar-1842 . John Percival Robinson via Wellington with 354 passengers. Go to URL Go to URL
Clifton Gravesend 02-Oct-1841 Nelson 02-Apr-1842 . J A Cox via Wellington Go to URL

Birman Gravesend 13-Oct-1841 Nelson 02-Apr-1842 . Clelland via Wellington Go to URL
Martha Ridgway Liverpool 06-Nov-1841 Nelson 07-Apr-1842 . Henry W Webb via Wellington Go to URL
London Gravesend 17-Nov-1841 Nelson 10-Apr-1842 . Joseph Gibson Barque; via Wellington Go to URL Go to URL
Clifford Gravesend 18-Dec-1841 Nelson 11-May-1842 . Joseph Sharp via Wellington Go to URL Another List
Sir Charles Forbes Gravesend 01-May-1842 Nelson 22-Aug-1842 96 Thomas Bacon Brought out 172 passengers. Go to URL Another List
Thomas Harrison Gravesend 26-May-1842 Nelson 25-Oct-1842 . E M Smith Brought out 192 passengers. Go to URL Another List
Olympus Gravesend 16-Jun-1842 Nelson 28-Oct-1842 . John Whyte Brought out 139 passengers. Go to URL Another List
New Zealand Greenock 04-Jul-1842 Nelson 04-Nov-1842 . C H Worth Brought out 147 passengers Go to URL Another List
George Fyfe Gravesend 15-Jun-1842 Nelson 12-Dec-1842 . George Pyke via Wellington. 41 passengers went on to Nelson. Go to URL Another List
Bombay Gravesend 01-Aug-1842 Nelson 14-Dec-1842 135 James Moore Proceeded to Wellington. 168 passengers for Nelson Go to URL Another List
Prince of Wales Gravesend 02-Sep-1842 Nelson 22-Dec-1842 110 Alex. Alexander 201 immigrants for Nelson. Proceeded to Wellington Go to URL Another List
Indus Gravesend 01-Oct-1842 Nelson 05-Feb-1843 125 David McKenzie 151 immigrants for Nelson. Proceeded to Wellington. Go to URL Another List
Thomas Sparks Gravesend 27-Nov-1842 Nelson 26-Feb-1843 . Robert G Sharp via Wellington Go to URL Go to URL
Phoebe Gravesend 16-Nov-1842 Nelson 29-Mar-1843 . William Dale Brought out 183 passengers. Go to URL Go to URL
William Stoveld London
Nelson 02-Oct-1843 . Davidson Passengers - Mr Webster, Mr Haywood, Mr ????

Ursula London 17-May-1843 Nelson 06-Oct-1843 . S Martin via Wellington and Auckland Go to URL

Himalaya London 07-Sep-1843 Nelson 10-Jan-1844 . Burns via New Plymouth; Barque Go to URL See also
Mandarin Gravesend 18-Jun-1843 Nelson 14-Jan-1844 . Adam Yule via Hobert, Auckland and Wellington.

Theresa London 20-Nov-1843 Nelson 03-Apr-1844 111
Thomas Bacon .

Tuscan London 12-Dec-1843 Nelson 17-May-1844 . Blackett Capt. Died at Hobart

Nelson London 22-Apr-1844 Nelson 11-Sep-1844 . G McLaren via Wellington

Slains Castle Plymouth 24-Oct-1844 Nelson 26-Jan-1845 91 W Dawson .

Caledonia Plymouth 24-Aug-1844 Nelson 29-Jan-1845 . Case via Wellington Go to URL
Louisa Campbell Plymouth 21-Mar-1845 Nelson 09-Jul-1845 110 William Darby Left Gravesend on 18/03/1845. Go to URL
See also
Nelson London 15-Aug-1845 Nelson 15-Dec-1845 . G McLaren Voyage No. 3

Mary Catherine London 27-Sep-1845 Nelson 24-Jan-1846 . Howlett .

Ralph Bernal Plymouth 02-Jan-1846 Nelson 10-Jun-1846 . Maclaren via Cape of Good hope Go to URL
Madras Gravesend 24-Mar-1846 Nelson 12-Aug-1846 . Francis Hilbury .

Hope London 30-Jul-1846 Nelson 12-Dec-1846 . Marshall No passengers Go to URL
Elora London 12-Oct-1847 Nelson 04-Feb-1847 . Turnbull via New Plymouth

Saghalien London 27-May-1847 Nelson 26-Sep-1847 . Jones .

Bernicia London
Nelson 05-Nov-1847 . Arnold via New Plymouth Go to URL
Blundell London 04-May-1848 Nelson 12-Nov-1847 . C Renant via Port Chalmers and Wellington Go to URL
Ralph Bernal Gravesend 23-Jul-1847 Nelson 03-Dec-1847 . Maclaren . Go to URL Go to URL
Indian London 18-Nov-1847 Nelson 12-May-1848 . English via Wellington

Bernicia Gravesend 08-Jul-1848 Nelson 05-Nov-1848 . Arnold via New Plymouth Go to URL
Susan London
Nelson 18-Dec-1848 . Marshall .

Mary London 02-Nov-1848 Nelson 24-Feb-1849 . Thomas Grant . Go to URL
Ajax London 08-Sep-1848 Nelson 09-Mar-1849 . John Young via Port Chalmers and Wellington Go to URL Go to URL
Cornwall Gravesend 20-Apr-1849 Nelson 25-Aug-1849 . Wm B Dawson via New Plymouth Go to URL
Kelso London 02-Jul-1849 Nelson 25-Oct-1849 113 John Innes via New Plymouth Go to URL Go to URL

Nelson 12-Nov-1849 . . . Go to URL
Pekin London 06-Aug-1849 Nelson 15-Jan-1850 . G Whitby via Port Chalmers and Wellington Go to URL
Berkshire London 04-Oct-1849 Nelson 30-Jan-1850 . Whyte . Go to URL Go to URL
Lady Nugent Plymouth 13-Dec-1849 Nelson 10-May-1850 . John Parsons via Port Chalmers Go to URL Go to URL
Poictiers London 24-Feb-1850 Nelson 11-Jul-1850 . Thomas Beale via New Plymouth Go to URL Go to URL
Mariner London 07-Apr-1850 Nelson 19-Sep-1850 . Robert Harland . Go to URL
Eden London 03-Jun-1850 Nelson 06-Nov-1850 . Mark Kebbell via New Plymouth Go to URL Go to URL
Phoebe Dunbar London 10-Jul-1850 Nelson 01-Dec-1850 . Forbes Michie via Port Chalmers and Wellington. Preceeded to New Plymouth Go to URL Go to URL
Cornelia London 12-Nov-1850 Nelson 18-Mar-1851 . George Mickleburgh

Cornelia London 12-Nov-1850 Nelson 18-Mar-1851 . George Mickleburgh .

Clara London 18-Mar-1851 Nelson 25-Aug-1851 . George Potter . Go to URL
Norfolk London 17-Mar-1851 Nelson 21-Sep-1851 . Charles Kreeft .

Thames Gravesend 11-May-1851 Nelson 09-Oct-1851 . Hedley .

Lady Nugent London 30-May-1851 Nelson 23-Oct-1851 . John Parsons via Lyttelton Go to URL
Columbus London 02-Jul-1851 Nelson 07-Nov-1851 . Holton .

Midlothian London 22-Jun-1851 Nelson 07-Nov-1851 . Glisson via Lyttelton Go to URL
Maori Gravesend 10-Sep-1851 Nelson 25-Dec-1851 104 C G Petherbridge via Plymouth. Go to URL
Cornwall Gravesend 15-Aug-1851 Nelson 23-Jan-1852 . Wm B Dawson .

Persia Gravesend 22-Feb-1852 Nelson 24-Jul-1852 . Broadfoot .

Stately London 15-May-1852 Nelson 24-Oct-1852 . Thomas Grinder via Wellington

Slains Castle London 22-Jul-1852 Nelson 03-Jan-1853 . Andrew .

Royal Albert London 01-Nov-1852 Nelson 18-May-1853 . Norris via Port Chalmers and Wellington Go to URL Another List
Maori Gravesend 07-Mar-1853 Nelson 08-Jun-1853 93 C G Petherbridge . Go to URL
Admiral Grenfell London 13-May-1853 Nelson 01-Sep-1853 . J McClelland .

Cornwall Gravesend 10-Apr-1853 Nelson 19-Sep-1853 . Wm B Dawson Proceeded Lyttelton Go to URL
Mahtoree Gravesend 15-Jul-1853 Nelson 28-Nov-1853 . Robert Cowan .

Constantine London 12-Aug-1853 Nelson 01-Jan-1854 . Rogers .

Duke of Portland Plymouth 19-Nov-1853 Nelson 07-Feb-1854 88 George F Seymour Brought 4 passengers for Nelson

Nelson SS Gravesend 17-Nov-1853 Nelson 05-Mar-1854 102 E Martin Arrived under canvas

Eagle Gravesend 22-Nov-1853 Nelson 30-Mar-1854 . Looke via Plymouth, where it left on 6/12/1853. Go to URL Another List
Lady Ebrington Deal 02-Feb-1854 Nelson 26-Jul-1854 . Harris via Wellington

Eliza Moore London 03-Apr-1854 Nelson 13-Aug-1854 . Hinds .

Ashmore Gravesend 31-May-1854 Nelson 26-Sep-1854 . Edwards .

Gipsy (Gipsey) Gravesend 13-Jul-1854 Nelson 26-Nov-1854 . Allan Bolton via Auckland and Wellington and landed 30 passengers. Go to URL
James Scott London 30-Jun-1841 Nelson 25-Dec-1854 . Frank Putt via Wellington

Monsoon London 26-Sep-1854 Nelson 20-Jan-1855 . Turnbull Passengers - Messrs Moody, Symons & Bennett

John Phillips Gravesend 12-Jan-1855 Nelson 05-May-1855 . Smithers via Wellington. Proceeded to Auckland. Go to URL
Sir Allan McNab Deal 17-Apr-1855 Nelson 08-Aug-1855 . Cherry . Go to URL
Queen Margaret Gravesend 20-Jun-1855 Nelson 18-Oct-1855 116 Spence Brought out 48 passengers Go to URL
Maori London
Nelson 23-Oct-1855 107 C G Petherbridge . Go to URL
China London 04-Sep-1855 Nelson 04-Jan-1856 . Ayres . Go to URL
Monsoon London 19-Oct-1855 Nelson 06-Feb-1856 . Turnbull .

Dunedin London 04-Sep-1855 Nelson 25-Feb-1856 . James McNeur Passenger - Mr Davidson

Inchinnan London 10-Jan-1856 Nelson 19-May-1856 . T Ennes .

Emma Colvin London 09-Mar-1856 Nelson 23-Jun-1856 . Nicholson . Go to URL
Cresswell London 25-Jun-1856 Nelson 06-Oct-1856 104 William C Barnett . Go to URL
Melpomene London 20-Apr-1856 Nelson 14-Oct-1856 . Lawrenson . Go to URL
Oliver Lang Liverpool 24-Sep-1856 Nelson 21-Jan-1857 . Joseph Mundle .

Monsoon London 21-Sep-1856 Nelson 08-Feb-1857 . Turnbull Passengers - Mr Lowe & one family in steerage

John Masterman Gravesend 17-Oct-1856 Nelson 08-Feb-1857 104 J McRuvie Stewart . Go to URL
Melbourne London 31-Mar-1857 Nelson 04-Aug-1857 . J Robertson 321 ton barque. No passengers

Lord Hardinge London 24-Mar-1857 Nelson 07-Aug-1857 . Irwin Cargo only

Oriental London 02-Jun-1857 Nelson 09-Oct-1857 . John Charles Macey .

Duchess of Leinster London 10-Aug-1857 Nelson 08-Dec-1857 . Newton Passenger - Mrs Newton

Acasta Gravesend 19-Sep-1857 Nelson 11-Jan-1858 114 John Halliday Voyage 1

Westminster Gravesend 13-Oct-1857 Nelson 06-Mar-1858 . Westgarth via Lyttelton Go to URL
Cresswell London 10-Sep-1858 Nelson 11-Mar-1858 111 William C Barnett via Wellington

Palmyra London 28-Oct-1857 Nelson 26-Mar-1858 . John Tierney via Port Chalmers Go to URL
Sebastian Gravesend 10-Feb-1858 Nelson 20-May-1858 93 W Begg .

Burmah London 26-Dec-1857 Nelson 13-Jun-1858 . Norris via Wellington

Camilla Gravesend 12-Jan-1858 Nelson 19-Jun-1858 . Booth via Hobart for provisions

Harkaway London 17-Apr-1858 Nelson 04-Oct-1858 . Graham via Wellington

Chieftain Gravesend 24-May-1858 Nelson 17-Oct-1858 147 McLean .

Lady Alice Gravesend 05-Sep-1858 Nelson 14-Jan-1859 . Smith .

Midlothian Gravesend 10-Oct-1858 Nelson 29-Jan-1859 . J A Grant Proceeded to Wellington Go to URL
Duchess of Leinster Gravesend 11-Oct-1858 Nelson 27-Feb-1859 . Newton .

Mariner Gravesend 01-Jan-1859 Nelson 23-Apr-1859 111 Chas. Fraser 141 passengers. Proceeded to Port Chalmers

Alfred The Great London 07-Dec-1858 Nelson 18-Jun-1859 . McIntyre via Wellington. Passebgers - Mr & Mrs Tollemache; Mr & Mrs Beitt; Mr Stafford; Mr Smith.

Queen of the Avon Gravesend 23-Mar-1859 Nelson 29-Jul-1859 128 Charles Gilbert . Go to URL
Airedale London 17-Feb-1859 Nelson 04-Aug-1859 . Johns Passengers - Mr & Mrs Betts, Mr & Mrs Hays, Messrs Anderson, Deardon, Croyden & Foy.

Cresswell Gravesend 27-May-1859 Nelson 24-Sep-1859 110 William C Barnett via Lyttelton

Roxana London
Nelson 11-Oct-1859 . Spittal .

Ashburton Gravesend 10-Aug-1859 Nelson 06-Dec-1859 109 A King 40 passengers

Golconda Gravesend 02-Sep-1859 Nelson 27-Dec-1859 110 Montgomery proceeded to New Plymouth Go to URL
Robert Small London 06-Oct-1859 Nelson 12-Apr-1860 . Darke .

Anne Longton London 05-Mar-1860 Nelson 24-Jun-1860 111 Mundle Voyage 2 Go to URL Another List
Constantine London 08-Feb-1860 Nelson 16-Aug-1860 . Wrangles via Wellington

John Phillips Gravesend 24-Apr-1860 Nelson 20-Sep-1860 . D Thomas .

Bride, The Downs 02-Jul-1860 Nelson 03-Nov-1860 127 McDonald 42 passengers onboard

Dona Anita Plymouth 13-Oct-1860 Nelson 22-Feb-1861 . Smith .

George Canning Gravesend 22-Dec-1860 Nelson 12-Apr-1861 102 Sims .

Glenshee Gravesend 04-Mar-1861 Nelson 02-Aug-1861 150 Buick Spent 24 days in the Channel

Sir George Pollock Gravesend 29-Apr-1861 Nelson 31-Aug-1861 . Frost 79 passengers with 63 being Government assisted Go to URL
Gladiator Gravesend 07-Jul-1861 Nelson 25-Oct-1861 105 Lorie 5 cabin and 8 steerage passengers

Ravenscraig Gravesend 30-Oct-1861 Nelson 23-Mar-1862 145 J Inglis 44 assisted passengers

Knight Bruce Downs 13-Mar-1862 Nelson 07-Aug-1862 . Milne Passengers - Mr & Mrs Gardiner, Mr Gordon, Mr & Mrs Rowe, Masters Rowe (2), Mr Lile, and Master & Miss Lile Go to URL
Edward Thornhill Gravesend 29-May-1862 Nelson 02-Oct-1862 120 G Reynolds . Go to URL
Avery London 20-May-1862 Nelson 14-Oct-1862 . Grace .

Waterlily Gravesend 30-Jul-1862 Nelson 05-Dec-1862 . R Daniel Bolt Landed horses

Golconda Gravesend 24-Aug-1862 Nelson 14-Dec-1862 116 Montgomery .

George Canning London 28-Sep-1863 Nelson 28-Jan-1863 118 F M Harris Proceeded to Napier

Electra London 08-Dec-1862 Nelson 30-Mar-1863 111 John Woodgate .

Mina London 14-Feb-1863 Nelson 06-Jun-1863 113 Astrom No passengers

Delaware Gravesend 06-Apr-1863 Nelson 09-Aug-1863 . Robert C Baldwin Brought one passenger - Mr. McCabe.

Bard of Avon Gravesend 25-Apr-1863 Nelson 25-Aug-1863 . Penny . Go to URL
Cashmere Gravesend 17-Jun-1863 Nelson 14-Oct-1863 103 Barnett .

Magna Bona London 29-Jul-1863 Nelson 21-Nov-1863 109 Tyson 56 passengers onboard Go to URL
Napier Gravesend 05-Sep-1863 Nelson 08-Dec-1863 83 Petherbridge Barque of 571 tons. Brought only cargo.

Anne Dymes Gravesend 13-Oct-1863 Nelson 03-Mar-1864 140 Knight . Go to URL
Memento London
Nelson 25-Mar-1864 . Lyall .

Statesman London 27-Dec-1863 Nelson 27-Apr-1864 101 Marshall Put into Nelson for water

Fray Bentos London
Nelson 28-May-1864 . Amondson Passengers - Mr & Mrs Duncan

Violet Deal 16-Mar-1864 Nelson 05-Jul-1864 110 Wiseman . Go to URL
Humphrey London 08-May-1864 Nelson 12-Sep-1864 120 Nellon .

Anne Longton London 09-Jul-1864 Nelson 03-Nov-1864 . Harling 50 passengers

Ravenscraig London 29-Sep-1864 Nelson 29-Jan-1865 . J Inglis .

Magna Bona London 06-Dec-1864 Nelson 21-Mar-1865 . Tyson 60 passengers Go to URL
Rose London 15-Jan-1865 Nelson 10-May-1865 . Alexander .

William Gynther London
Nelson 26-Jun-1865 . Hagg-Dahl .

Eudora London 22-Apr-1865 Nelson 19-Aug-1865 116 Knight 16 passengers onboard

British Merchant London 04-Jun-1865 Nelson 01-Oct-1865 112 Scott .

Water Nymph London 29-Aug-1865 Nelson 11-Dec-1865 101 Buchanan 3 cabin and 21 steerage passengers

Dona Anita London 05-Nov-1865 Nelson 19-Feb-1866 107 Sharman . Go to URL
Danish Beauty London 08-Dec-1865 Nelson 13-Apr-1866 123 Pottinger No passengers

Konigin Augusta Portsmouth 18-Feb-1866 Nelson 05-Jun-1866 . Schade No passengers

Dreadnought Gravesend 21-Mar-1866 Nelson 10-Aug-1866 169 Smith 2 passengers

Lord Clyde London 24-May-1866 Nelson 08-Sep-1866 108 Murphy 15 passengers

Countess of Kintore Gravesend 20-Jul-1866 Nelson 16-Oct-1866 87 Catto 6 cabin and 3 steerage passengers Go to URL
British Merchant Gravesend 02-Sep-1866 Nelson 24-Jan-1867 125 Scott .

Celestial London 21-Oct-1866 Nelson 06-Feb-1867 . Greatorex .

Fairy Belle London 24-Nov-1866 Nelson 26-Mar-1867 . Parry .

Malay Downs 31-Dec-1866 Nelson 15-Apr-1867 103 D Peters .

Avery London 31-Mar-1867 Nelson 25-Jul-1867 . Hill .

Dona Anita London 09-Feb-1867 Nelson 29-Aug-1867 211 Brown Captain Brown died during voyage.

Vestra Greenock 06-Mar-1867 Nelson 05-Sep-1867 . Cottlebau .

Cissy Gravesend 06-Jun-1867 Nelson 26-Sep-1867 . T Spencer 25 saloon and 98 steerage passengers

Caesarea London 26-Jul-1867 Nelson 08-Nov-1867 . Francis Esnouf .

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