Between 1868 and 1910

Port of Nelson

Ship Port Dep Sailed Port Arr Arrived Days Captain Notes Passenger Lists Other Details
Queen Bee London 29-Sep-1868 Nelson 04-Jan-1868 98 Leslie .

Charlote Ann London 27-Dec-1867 Nelson 09-Apr-1868 . Bush .

Algernon Gravesend 05-Feb-1868 Nelson 02-Jun-1868 102 Otty . Go to URL
Ballarat Gravesend 18-Apr-1868 Nelson 18-Aug-1868 110 Joseph Allan .

Polar Star London 13-Jun-1868 Nelson 12-Oct-1868 118 Williams Passenger - Mr Fairey

John Bunyan Gravesend 21-Aug-1868 Nelson 02-Dec-1868 102 Joseph Allan 9 passengers

Malay Gravesend 20-Oct-1868 Nelson 15-Feb-1869 116 D Peters .

Fanny Gravesend 14-Dec-1868 Nelson 19-Apr-1869 106 Barge .

Icon London 15-Feb-1869 Nelson 07-Jun-1869 . Brewer .

Alliance Liverpool 27-Nov-1868 Nelson 12-Jun-1869 196 Le Corun .

Abdul Medjid Gravesend 22-May-1869 Nelson 10-Sep-1869 111 Mouat No passengers

Hera London 23-Jul-1869 Nelson 15-Nov-1869 114 Tirkelson Passengers - Mr Fairey, Mr Howard

John Bunyan Gravesend 01-Oct-1869 Nelson 20-Jan-1870 . Johnson .

Alphington London 20-Nov-1869 Nelson 07-Mar-1870 . Alexander Beith No passengers

Avery London 22-Dec-1869 Nelson 17-Apr-1870 . . .

Albion London 19-Feb-1870 Nelson 13-Jul-1870 . Krone .

Rapido Liverpool 18-Apr-1870 Nelson 12-Aug-1870 116 James Dougall No Passengers

Challenger Gravesend 24-Jun-1870 Nelson 01-Oct-1870 . Lovell 25 passengers for Nelson

Wild Duck London 02-Nov-1870 Nelson 04-Feb-1871 94 M N Baillie Brought a few passengers

Beth Shan London
Nelson 26-Jun-1871 . Robert Peek .

Annie Braginton London 09-May-1871 Nelson 09-Sep-1871 123 Drysdale .

Napier Deal 21-Sep-1871 Nelson 29-Nov-1871 . . .

Ann Gambles London 03-Aug-1871 Nelson 03-Dec-1871 121 John Morgan .

Rapido London 20-Sep-1871 Nelson 07-Jan-1872 . James Dougall No Passengers

Tyrol London 30-Nov-1871 Nelson 08-Apr-1872 . Owens .

William Prowse London 21-Mar-1872 Nelson 29-Jul-1872 130 F F Fenley .

Asterope London 27-Jun-1872 Nelson 19-Oct-1872 114 Edward Horner .

Helen Burns London 14-Aug-1872 Nelson 31-Dec-1872 . Malcolm .

Chaudiere London 14-Sep-1872 Nelson 20-Jan-1873 . Mourdant Maiden voyage. Cargo only.

Joyse Phillips London 29-Nov-1872 Nelson 05-Apr-1873 . Kirby .

Excelsior London
Nelson 23-Jun-1873 . Irving Passengers - Capt. Baldwin; Messrs Henry Bishop, William Dairshire & C B Levett.

Annie Braginton London 10-May-1873 Nelson 01-Sep-1873 . Smith .

Malay Gravesend 17-Jun-1873 Nelson 15-Oct-1873 . Richard Todd Proceeded to Wanganui

Harvest Home London 15-Sep-1873 Nelson 23-Dec-1873 . Hill .

Chaudiere London 04-Nov-1873 Nelson 07-Mar-1874 128 Brown .

John Bull London 14-Dec-1873 Nelson 20-Apr-1874 . Tizard .

Inverallan London 14-Feb-1874 Nelson 29-Jun-1874 . William McCann .

La Paix London 01-Mar-1874 Nelson 28-Jul-1874 . Magnient .

Adamant London 28-Apr-1874 Nelson 08-Aug-1874 91 C J S Grant 340 Govt immigrants Go to URL
Pasithea London 08-Jun-1874 Nelson 10-Oct-1874 125 McMurtry .

Chile London 22-Jul-1874 Nelson 26-Oct-1874 96 Atchieson . Go to URL
Ocean Mail London 15-Aug-1874 Nelson 08-Nov-1874 83 Watson via Plymouth. Included passengers from Westland & Marlborough Go to URL Another List
Galdston, W E London
Nelson 04-Jan-1875 . Jones .

Michael Angelo London 31-Oct-1874 Nelson 21-Jan-1875 81 MacKenzie Lackie . Go to URL
Leonilda Semino London 18-Dec-1875 Nelson 07-Jun-1875 . Semino .

Hannibal London 11-Mar-1875 Nelson 09-Jun-1875 . Brown . Go to URL
Collingwood London 13-Apr-1875 Nelson 24-Jun-1875 72 Black . Go to URL
Dunmore Gravesend 28-Feb-1875 Nelson 30-Jun-1875 121 Hastings .

Chile Gravesend 11-Jun-1875 Nelson 26-Sep-1875 107 Alex. Smith via New Plymouth Go to URL
Mataura Gravesend 08-Aug-1875 Nelson 10-Nov-1875 94 Gorn Brought out 225 passengers

Caroline Plymouth 12-Oct-1875 Nelson 13-Jan-1876 93 Turnbull Brought out 321 passengers.

Celestial Queen London 26-Aug-1875 Nelson 26-Jan-1876 . Watt via Port Chalmers

Boldon London 12-Nov-1876 Nelson 18-Mar-1876 . Eggers .

Fernglen London 23-Jan-1876 Nelson 21-Apr-1876 91 Walter Fraser (Frater) .

Camperdown London 10-Apr-1876 Nelson 04-Jul-1876 80 Paton . Go to URL
Lutterworth London 30-Apr-1876 Nelson 04-Aug-1876 95 Pearson .

Helen Denny London 06-Jul-1876 Nelson 30-Oct-1876 116 W Ruthe .

Howrah London 29-Jul-1876 Nelson 09-Nov-1876 103 Greaves Passenger list is for Nelson only. Go to URL
Lochnagar Gravesend 13-Aug-1876 Nelson 14-Nov-1876 94 William H Kelly No passengers

Chaudiere London 26-Oct-1876 Nelson 13-Feb-1877 . E J Pitfield Voyage 3.

Northampton Gravesend 16-Dec-1876 Nelson 04-Apr-1877 104 Clare Brought out 334 immigrants. The ship then took a number of passengers onto Wellington. Go to URL
Queen Bee London 20-Apr-1877 Nelson 06-Aug-1877 . Davies . Go to URL
Lochnagar Gravesend 16-Jul-1877 Nelson 22-Oct-1877 108 William H Kelly No passengers

Waitara Plymouth 24-Aug-1877 Nelson 21-Nov-1877 89 Warren F Caborne Passengers - Cabin: Miss M Brown, Mrs Niedergesaess & child, Messrs Niedergesaess & Walter Bodilly & 214 immigrants

Adamant London 29-Sep-1877 Nelson 09-Jan-1878 105 Thomas Bowling .

Celestial Queen London 03-Nov-1877 Nelson 26-Feb-1878 86 Gastor 5 passengers - Mr & Mrs Newcome and 3 family

Gainsborough London 24-Oct-1877 Nelson 28-Feb-1878 118 Carter via Plymouth. Brought out 256 passengers Go to URL
Chaudiere London 31-Dec-1877 Nelson 22-Apr-1878 114 E J Pitfield Voyage 4.

Helen Denny London 19-May-1878 Nelson 01-Sep-1878 102 W Ruthe 2 passengers

Edwin Fox London 31-Jul-1878 Nelson 17-Nov-1878 101 John Phease via Plymouth, where it left on 8 Aug 1878, with 198 statute adults & 46 children. The passengers recorded as 'Cushelly' should read 'Costello'.
Go to URL Go to URL
Fernglen London 11-Oct-1878 Nelson 02-Jan-1879 82 Walter Fraser (Frater) . Go to URL
Tongoy London
Nelson 05-Feb-1879 97 Edwards .

Warwick London 30-Nov-1878 Nelson 01-Mar-1879 91 Seaton . Go to URL
Chaudiere London 18-Feb-1879 Nelson 23-Jun-1879 124 R Scott .

Harmodious Gravesend 10-Jun-1879 Nelson 13-Oct-1879 . Bogle .

Opawa Plymouth 24-Aug-1879 Nelson 27-Nov-1879 95 Triston Brought out 342 passengers for Marlborough and Nelson . Go to URL
Eastminster London 25-Oct-1879 Nelson 14-Jan-1880 74 Mosey via Plymouth. Brought out 358 passengers. Landed 300 passengers for Nelson & Napier. Proceeded to Wellington. Go to URL
Chaudiere Gravesend 03-Mar-1880 Nelson 01-Jul-1880 113 R Scott .

Anazi London 28-Aug-1880 Nelson 27-Dec-1880 120 James Hill .

Electra London
Nelson 26-Feb-1881 . Thompson Passengers - Miss Arthur, Miss Burlace, Mr & Mrs Woods, Messrs Pike & Brook

Black Watch London 03-Mar-1881 Nelson 05-Jul-1881 124 Aehr .

England's Glory London 07-May-1881 Nelson 05-Oct-1881 . William Knight .

Candidate London 10-Aug-1881 Nelson 06-Dec-1881 . Laurenson Passengers Messrs Reardon & Burlace

Peep O'Day London 25-Apr-1882 Nelson 29-Aug-1882 125 Mockett .

Tongoy London 01-Aug-1882 Nelson 14-Nov-1882 . Redmond .

Sea Toller London 12-May-1883 Nelson 21-Aug-1883 . Curry No passengers

Sea Toller London 26-May-1884 Nelson 29-Aug-1884 . Curry No passengers

Crownthorpe London 04-Mar-1885 Nelson 13-Jul-1885 112 Henry Philip Everett .

May Queen London 08-Aug-1885 Nelson 18-Nov-1885 . G G Colville .

Glenlora London 03-Nov-1885 Nelson 08-Feb-1886 97 Sargent .

Chile Glasgow 19-Feb-1886 Nelson 21-Jun-1886 120 Herd No passengers

Lochnagar London 27-Apr-1886 Nelson 25-Aug-1886 120 Perriam No passengers

May Queen London 16-Aug-1886 Nelson 01-Dec-1886 . G G Colville .

Loch Fergus London 21-Nov-1886 Nelson 18-Feb-1887 89 Clachrie .

Halcione London 25-Feb-1887 Nelson 14-Jun-1887 109 R Kelly No passengers.

Glenlora London 10-May-1887 Nelson 02-Aug-1887 84 Sargent .

Asterion London 05-Aug-1887 Nelson 12-Nov-1887 99 Collingwood .

Hudson London 13-Nov-1887 Nelson 09-Feb-1888 89 A H Kemp .

Abbey Holme London 20-Feb-1888 Nelson 09-Jun-1888 110 J H Rich Voy. 3 - No passengers

Glenlora London 17-May-1888 Nelson 21-Aug-1888 96 Sargent .

Asterion London 17-Aug-1888 Nelson 28-Nov-1888 102 Collingwood .

Auriga London 03-Nov-1888 Nelson 14-Feb-1889 103 Stone .

Glenlora London 22-Feb-1889 Nelson 25-May-1889 92 Sargent .

Rookwood London
Nelson 09-Sep-1889 . Jewell .

Asterion London 27-Jul-1889 Nelson 18-Nov-1889 109 Alsop .

Alastor London 07-Nov-1889 Nelson 21-Feb-1890 103 T Glazebrook .

Glenlora London 11-Feb-1890 Nelson 22-May-1890 100 Nicol .

Asterion London 11-May-1890 Nelson 29-Aug-1890 110 Burton .

Halcione London 09-Aug-1890 Nelson 14-Nov-1890 95 R Kelly Passengers - Robert H Hulbert & David A Williams

Vallejo London 09-Nov-1890 Nelson 24-Feb-1891 . Potter .

Halcione London 17-May-1891 Nelson 24-Aug-1891 99 R Kelly .

Asterion London 16-Jul-1891 Nelson 22-Oct-1891 99 A B Foote .

Lochnagar London 12-Aug-1891 Nelson 08-Dec-1891 118 Gasson .

Glenlora London 16-Nov-1891 Nelson 13-Feb-1892 89 Tonkin .

Margaret Galbraith London 11-Apr-1892 Nelson 14-Sep-1892 126 M Carden .

Halcione London 06-Aug-1892 Nelson 16-Nov-1892 100 Borman .

Glenlora London 14-Nov-1892 Nelson 17-Feb-1893 95 Tonkin .

Ione London 29-Jan-1893 Nelson 20-Jun-1893 140 Thomas .

Helen Denny London 22-May-1893 Nelson 23-Aug-1893 113 J Carnell .

Halcione London 05-Jul-1893 Nelson 04-Oct-1893 89 Borman .

Asterion London 13-Oct-1893 Nelson 27-Jan-1894 106 A B Foote .

Brussels London 25-Jan-1894 Nelson 18-May-1894 92 Alsop .

Helen Denny London 14-May-1894 Nelson 21-Sep-1894 130 R Newby .

Halcione London 25-Jul-1894 Nelson 08-Nov-1894 105 Borman .

Asterion London 12-Oct-1894 Nelson 28-Jan-1895 108 A B Foote .

Lochnagar London 20-Jan-1895 Nelson 16-May-1895 116 Summers .

Hermione London 28-Apr-1895 Nelson 18-Aug-1895 112 Ceriez .

Pleiades London 19-Jul-1895 Nelson 22-Oct-1895 95 A Moreton .

Glenlora London 22-Oct-1895 Nelson 09-Jan-1896 79 Tonkin .

Hermione London 04-May-1896 Nelson 17-Aug-1896 105 Ceriez .

Pleione London 24-Jul-1896 Nelson 31-Oct-1896 98 Sargeant .

Asterion London 13-Oct-1896 Nelson 16-Jan-1897 96 A B Foote .

Brussels London 19-Mar-1897 Nelson 11-Jul-1897 . Alsop .

Pleione London 18-Jun-1897 Nelson 28-Sep-1897 99 Sargeant .

Glenlora London 26-Aug-1897 Nelson 19-Dec-1897 . Tonkin .

Margaret Galbraith London 29-Oct-1897 Nelson 14-Feb-1898 . Collingwood .

Asterion London 25-Jan-1898 Nelson 23-May-1898 118 A B Foote There would appear to be no passengers on this voyage

Thora London
Nelson 08-Jul-1898 . Hagen .

Pleiades London 20-May-1898 Nelson 16-Sep-1898 112 A Moreton .

Lutterworth London 20-Sep-1897 Nelson 24-Dec-1898 98 Kelly .

Asterion London 04-Mar-1899 Nelson 19-Jun-1899 106 Jeppson .

Lutterworth London 29-Jul-1899 Nelson 05-Nov-1899 99 Woods .

Margaret Galbraith London 05-Dec-1899 Nelson 11-Mar-1900 98 Culbert .

Hermione London 10-Apr-1900 Nelson 28-Jul-1900 108 Alsop .

Lutterworth London 17-Jul-1900 Nelson 28-Oct-1900 102 Woods .

Zealandia London 06-Oct-1900 Nelson 13-Jan-1901 98 R Bate First visit to Nelson

Lutterworth London 11-Jun-1901 Nelson 14-Sep-1901 . Woods .

Zealandia London 07-Sep-1901 Nelson 15-Dec-1901 98 R Bate .

Lutterworth London 21-Jun-1902 Nelson 22-Sep-1902 93 Woods .

Wellington London 09-Oct-1902 Nelson 14-Jan-1903 97 Thomas .

Lutterworth London 14-Aug-1903 Nelson 04-Dec-1903 111 Hicks .

Lutterworth London 09-Aug-1904 Nelson 25-Nov-1904 . Hicks .

Westland London 06-Nov-1904 Nelson 16-Feb-1905 102 Samuel .

Westland London 06-Sep-1905 Nelson 19-Dec-1905 104 James .

Lutterworth London 28-Nov-1906 Nelson 25-Mar-1906 112 Hicks .

Westland London 04-Aug-1906 Nelson 11-Nov-1906 99 James .

Peru London 31-Jan-1907 Nelson 12-May-1907 . Colley Cargo only

Don London 04-Aug-1908 Nelson 11-Dec-1908 . Hicks .

Dee London 07-Mar-1909 Nelson 26-Jun-1909 . Yore .

Nikau Glasgow 04-May-1909 Nelson 23-Jul-1909 . Irving .

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