From Countries Other than UK and Ireland

1835 to 1910

The ships in this index were mostly used to transport immigrants to New Zealand from places around the world, other than the United Kingdom and Ireland, during the period 1835 to 1910. The data used in this index was gathered from many sources. If you have any information regarding any errors, a ship visit that appears to be missing, or small notes of interest, I would appreciate it greatly, if you could e-mail me with the details so that we can have a more complete and informative index. I do not consider the index to be definitive, as yet, but it does list approximately 2100 ship visits to the ports of New Zealand. Be aware though that some of these ships did not carry passengers. This index gives the name of the ship, the port it left from, the date it left, the port it arrived at, the date it arrived, and the Captain of the ship, (all where known) and sometimes some notes and a URL to a passenger list or other information to follow. The ports visited are set out below in alphabetical order, with the ships to each port in chronological order of arrival.
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PLEASE NOTE!!   I DO NOT have any information on passengers who came to New Zealand in these or other ships, or any further information beyond what is contained within these pages.

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Miscellaneous :-
       I have included some ships here that I have not been able to find a port of entry for, but carried passengers for New Zealand:-

               1.    'PRINCE EDWARD' - a 174 ton Brig, left Charlottetown Harbour, Prince Edward Island, Canada, in 1859, with Captain Edward Nolan in command.

Ports which have been Re-named or were known by another name:-

         Ahuriri in New Zealand, is now known as the Port of Napier.
         Christiania in Norway, is now known as Oslo.
         Invercargill - NZ - ships use to call at New River.
         Lambton Harbour, Wellington NZ, is now Port Nicholson, Wellington, NZ.
         Queenstown in County Cork, Ireland is now known as Cobh (pronounced 'Cove'). It was originally know as Cobh, but was changed in honour of the first visit by Oueen Victoria.
         Victoria Harbour in New Zealand, is now known as Lyttelton Harbour.

Ships that came from Places other than the UK and Ireland:-

1.   'George Henderson' - left Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada, on 4 December 1859 for New Zealand via Cape Town and Sydney. The ship was unfortunately wrecked on the coast at Henui (an area now within New Plymouth City, where the Te Henui stream discharges into the sea) north of New Plymouth on 16 August 1860.

2.   'The Margaret' - a barque, departed from St. Ann's, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia on 28 October, 1851 and arrived in Adelaide, South Australia on 10 April, 1852, with Captain Watson in command. A number of these passengers came on to New Zealand.

Shipping and Passengers

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Contains shipping and passenger information for Australia and, to an increasing extent, New Zealand. The website has the following shipping indexes: Arrivals, Departures, Shipwrecks, Ship's Captains, Passengers and crew, Vessel index , Historical background, Vessel related reports and diaries, journals and reports.

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