After Restoration

New TowerPiles for Hut

New tower and antennas in place - February 2009                                New piles for hut almost ready - February 2009

New tower & repiled hutAntennas_Kaimai_Feb_2009

New tower and repiled hut - all completed - February 2009              Antennas - February 2009          

Pre Restoration


Hut and tower prerestoration Feb 2009Kaimai hut pre restoration - Feb 2009

Hut and tower pre restoration in February 2009                        Hut pre restoration February 2009

Kaimai hut pre restoration - Feb 2009Old tower with Nat Sys antennas

 Hut pre restoration February 2009                                              National System antenna pre restoration February 2009

Other Images

Kaimai tower with backup Antennas

 New tower showing backup 70cm antennas just
 below top of tower - Sept. 2011

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