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To become an Amateur Radio Operator, you must have a license. To obtain a license, you are required to sit an exam consisting of 10 questions on rules and regulations and 50 questions on radio theory and operation. These 60 multi-choice questions are taken from a bank of 600 questions, which can be downloaded at anytime, from the Examination Information page of the NZART website. To obtain a pass you must get 40 of the 60 questions correct.

To assist in your study, a Study Guide can be downloaded from the NZART website to help you prepare for the Amateur Radio Examination. The Hamilton Amateur Radio Club (Branch 12 NZART) also has tutors available, who run classes throughout the year. If you are interested, please make contact with the Club Secretary, who will be able to assist.

The Hamilton Amateur Radio Club is also able to provide an examination centre and supervisors to run the exam. Exams are held 'by appointment only', with the time and place arranged with our volunteer supervisors.  If you wish to find out more about sitting the Amateur Radio Exam, please make contact with the Club Secretary, who will be able to assist.


Since June 2004, Morse has not been a requirement for the Amateur Radio licence in New Zealand. However, some countries still require Morse as part of the Amateur license, so if you wish to operate in those countries, your license must be endorsed accordingly.

For those interested in learning Morse Code, a free program, written specifically for NZ learners, is available from the NZART website. To run the Morse program, all you need is a computer with Windows 95, or later, and a sound card.

The Hamilton Amateur Radio Club also has Morse tutors available, who can prepare you for the Morse test, and when ready, take you for the test.  The Morse test can be at a speed of 5 or 12 wpm, (words per minute) both send and receive, depending on what is required by the candidate.


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