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2014 National System Award Rules

Award Notes

Branches in 'Branch Number' order

Branches in 'Branch Name' order

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For those interested, a brief history of the award can be found HERE


Hamilton Amateur Radio Club Inc.
Branch 12 NZART

Kordia National System Award 2014

Maidenhead Locator Squares

is presented by The Hamilton Amateur Radio Club, Branch 12, NZART, based upon the original idea by Wellington VHF Group. This is a FUN award available to all amateurs to demonstrate the coverage and use of the National System. Documentation can be downloaded to the left.

The award will run from 1 January 2014 to 6 February 2014.

Points will be allocated for:

1 - Contact any Amateur in each NZART Branch area, via the National System. Only Branches on the provided list are valid. Note that the station must be within the Branch area to qualify. Branch lists to the left.  - 1 point
2 - Contact ZL1UX, official station of Branch 12 via the National System - 3 bonus points
3 - Contact any Amateur, via the National System, operating at a 6 character Maidenhead Locator square - 1 point
4 - Contact any Amateur, via the National System, while you are operating from a 6 character Maidenhead Locator square - 1 point

Points are cumulative and each Maidenhead Locator Square may only be listed once. Only one Branch or Maidenhead Locator Square may be logged per contact. As evidence of contact, the log must record the Maidenhead Locator Square, which can be obtained from this website - see 'Award Notes', above left, for notes on using this webpage.

See above left for a copy of the 'Branch List' being used for this Award.

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